Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LynnMarie updates

LynnMarie is awesome, a most beautiful creation that God is allowing us to love and take care. NO pics on this this update since I am at work. Last week, she had a wonderful time getting to know Grandma Christopher who enjoyed playing with her and giving her yummy watermelon. LynnMarie has a little car now that she is learning how to ride and is standing up and furniture walking.

She loves to make noise and sing. We are HUGE fans of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and watched our first VeggieTale cartoon last week. WE are learning about books and she is getting lots of Daddy time as Mommy has worked a couple of back to back days. We both heard her repeat ByeBye after me today, although I am not sure she knows what it means. She still has an ET voice sometimes that makes us giggle.

She has 2 BunnyBears which are her friends she loves to cuddle with but doesn't "have"to have them. She loves green beans, corn and all kinds of food.

She really loves to swim and we are thankful Daddy gets to get in the pool now. She is truly the happiest thing we can imagine. She lights up the room and will make you smile anytime. She is beyond what I dreamed.

She rocks!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Saturday afternoon we drove over to Lanett, AL which is right on the border to GA on I-85. Michael has a cousin who lives there and it was his cousin's son's 2nd birthday. We made the tri because it was a fun family outing and only 2 of the people there had met LynnMarie before. After the party we drove to another part of Lanett where Amy's Aunt Debbie and her family live. We hung out, had dinner, watched part of the NASCAR race and LynnMarie got to meet a few new friends.

Introducing "Smokey" the world's CALMEST kitten!

Smokey is a female calico who enjoys beating up on Sprocket the miniature dachshund.

Then LynnMarie met Gus. Gus is an English Bulldog. He's very sweet, but is fighting cancer.

Daddy, I am done napping.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Im singing. its the 4th of July and I am singing

Just in case you didnt see it on facebook, I give you the vocal stylings of LynnMarie ChunAi Christopher!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

1st Independence Day

We took LynnMarie to a friend's house near Lake Lanier to go swimming and to cook out this afternoon. We came home in the late afternoon to relax a short while before heading out to watch fireworks put on by the City of Woodstock, GA at our local SuperTarget. LynnMarie did great all day, with only an hour nap driving home from the lake. She seemed to enjoy the fireworks but refused to let her bare feet touch the grass!

Friday, July 03, 2009

First Haircut

Well today, we made the trip to get LynnMarie's first haircut. First we tried a place called Hairy's and they looked open but the door was locked. SO then we went to a place that Donna recommended and it was great..they even have princess cuts when she gets older..Had a great lady do her hair and even put her hair up for us when she left..Big girl did great and even gave daddy some smiles..Yeah LynnMarie. We were at BJ's today talking to the cashier and we told her we were getting her hair cut..She was like "NOOOOOO Dont cut it" Whats up with people not liking little girls getting haircuts. We cut her bangs and an inch on the back..She looks great! But I promise we didnt cut it too short although I love short hair on girls!!!