Friday, August 29, 2008

We're Getting a Chinese Baby!

Well... I suppose clarification is in order.

The We I referred to is the greater Atlanta community.

The Chinese baby I referred to will be a son or daughter to Lun Lun, the female Giant Panda at the Atlanta Zoo.

So even though it's not what you thought, it IS cause to celebrate!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Meditations

What's on your heart today? The past 2 weeks the world has been watching China. I am praying for the people of China, our LynnMarie, travel mercies for those who are in China now, and those of us who are still waiting. I pray that God will transform our hearts during the weight and will do something incredible during this time.
I am also praying for those who are making huge decisions regarding their China adoptions. I am thankful that because of their decision to adopt to China, God opened doors to other countries.
I am thankful for the friends who have encouraged me simply by obeying and adopting. Their decision has greatly impacted my life and its the coolest thing.
and I will praying for each pair of eyes that reads this post this week.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

LynnMarie's Book #16

This is one that I remember from my youth. We had a copy of this story in a book I assume is no longer in print because it looked nothing like this book, but the story has to be the same.


16 down

16 months down. and what should you do on your 16th LIDversary? Go get fingerprinted of course? We were 5 minutes late and still got in and got out in 17 minutes. Hopefully that was the last time visiting the place before China. After that we finally visited the Marietta Diner. Holy Cow, it was so yummy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here ya go! Vacation pics and I know there are a lot of them. Check out the manatee pics and the ones of the moon.

Thanks to our families, Don, Be, Joanna Mei, Dannye and Mom, Fliss and Mike and our other friends for making this is a very rockin trip!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Meditations-a bit late

Oh I did not forget. Today is a day for giving praise. Nothing special happenned, its just the attitude. Sometimes I get tired of asking. Im going to let God do the asking of me. I will wait. I will have hope. I am so thankful for each pair of eyes who reads this. Some of you I do not know, some of you I know pretty well. I am thankful for this journey.. Join me today, won't you? and yes Sara, for you I am so thankful. God is good and through your story, I saw a glimpse of sonshine!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meeting Joanna Mei and the lightbulb going off

This will be the first of many posts over the next few days just because I have so much stuff to share with you. I got to get this one out of the way before my heart explodes

We are back from vacation and more pics will be posted. Michael posted the pics of meeting some friends below. Some of you have read Dannye (LayDfrog) and Don and Be's blogs before. This was the second time of meeting these beautiful people.

Once again, God chose vacation to have a few words for me. Saturday was different. My passion for LynnMarie has been renewed. What I am finding funny on this adoption journey are that these little people are helping to change my life. Sheridan, Shelby, Micah, Gianna have helped in this process.

I think back seven years ago when I chose the floor in the hospital I am working on. God has been orchestrating events and they are sooooo falling into place.

Anyway, Saturday we spent time with these wonderful families who have been encouraging us for so long. We got to meet Joanna Mei who has been home from China less than a month . I spent some time with her parents and they were so very honest with us. Joanna Mei is considered "special needs" but honestly I would never have known. Its an obvious visual need, but my heart simply looked and played with her as I realized something. This is the first time in my life that I think I have done this. I really did look past anything that makes JMei different and just loved her and played with her. I will forever look at special needs in a different light. Adopting a SN child is not about me. Its not about Michael. This kind of hit me hard. Its not about what we can handle. I know for a fact, God will not give us something we can not handle. I am not worried about that at all anymore. Its more about what we can do to give this child the best, happiest life possible! I want that. I want to give her memories that make her heart smile.

God has been doing some amazing, wonderful things during this wait and I would not change it for the world.

I am so ready to love LynnMarie. I need a child that needs a little bit more extra love. This makes me excited.

Don and Be shared their story.Once again, I know that God places the right child in your home. No matter how you want to change the wait and everyone's wait is different, I do not want to fight God's plan. This in itself, is a whole other post. JMei is so right for this family. We have seen that with Sheridan and Shelby and Micah. I can't describe it. These children have been so perfectly placed. I can not believe I have been given the opportunity to be on this journey.

Joanna Mei, you my friend helped turn the lightbulb on and for that you are etched in my heart. and by the way, your parents rock!

Don, Be, and J-Mei

Mike, Amy, Don, Ellen (Dannye's mom), Dannye, Be, and J-Mei!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Meditations

Good morning friends

What are you praying for today?

Praying for LynnMarie and her care givers
China, the world is watching this country
I am praying for those who are serving our country around the world
Adoption friends. Some of our blogging friends are going through some really hard times. These are friends who have encouraged me and helped this wait go by faster. Please pray for those who are struggling with some important decisions
the Chapmans- the world has been invited to hear their story. May we all be encouraged and may God continue to comfort this family that is a part of many of our stories

What am I thankful for?
Friends- We have made some awesome new friends
the blogging community

What about you? What are you praying for? What are you thankful for?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

another post

So, I really did not want to blog about the Olympics because a) everyone is blogging about them and 2) I am just now watching the opening ceremonies.

I hope my friends and family watched the Olympics and I may possibly buy the dvd of the ceremonies. You, my friend and families are going to have a huge impact on LynnMarie and I hope you take the time to learn a little bit more of where she is from.

This ceremony has gotten me thinking but what doesn't? Our adoption wait has helped me reflect on my past, our present and our future with LynnMarie. We are adopting her from a country of great history. I am afraid. Not afraid of China. Afraid of not being able to do a good job about teaching her of her birth place. What if we fail? What if she does not grow up with a passion and knowledge of an amazing culture. I think this is why it is so important to learn what we can during the wait so that we can be as prepared as possible.

While watching tonight, I found myself in tears. Both happy and sad I guess. I was moved how wonderful the ceremony was, how much time was put into it, how much passion the performers had. The world is watching China right now. China has become much more personal since pursuing adoption. This is where my daughter is . Our daughter. How real is that? What will she be like? I am listening to stories of people overcoming things and pursuing their dreams? Will LynnMarie have her dreams come true? I see these Chinese women in traditional costume and I can not help but think of my daughter. I dream of her friends and even wonder what Shelby, Micah, Sheridan, Gianna, and all of my other little friends will be like when they get older! Will they be great friends! I so hope so and am so thankful for the First Friday community.

Friends inside and outside of the adoption community and family, LynnMarie will be home one day. I pray that you will help us teach her about who she is and love her and help her fulfill her dreams. I hope that you will learn a little bit of Chinese culture. Once we know when she is coming home, we will share some of the things we have learned.

I really missed her tonight!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


This week on the Travel Channel, has been China Week. We were able to record most of the shows ( they have repeated many of the shows). I hope we are able to visit some of the country before we meet Miss LynnMarie one day. We just a glimpse of this amazing place that contains so much history. I had no idea how long the Great Wall was or that are restaurants that serve just dumplings. I totally recommend you watch any and all of these shows. Family, hope you get the chance to see where you niece, granddaughter is from. Its just beautiful.

We did learn that for 150.00 you can feed a panda and for another hundred or 2 they will bring out a chubby panda for you to hold. If that is possible, I am so up for that. We will have another laundry container set up for the "Amy wants to hug a Panda fund at our house if you ever visit. Just kidding.

Check out the Wild China series. We still have so many shows to watch but I want to learn more.

For family and friends, we have no news for you. But it blows me away that we are going to China to meet our daughter one day. How exciting!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Monday Meditations

Morning! I am soooo thankful for my adoption community around the country. From the blogging community to my First Friday group (see post below), its been the most amazing wait ever!

What are you praying for?
I pray that families will be united soon. Shelby and Delilah will be with their families soon and that's sooo cool. I pray that seeds are being planted for adoption in general across the world. Each one of us has the power to make an amazing difference in people's lives simply by our attitude. I pray I maintain an attitude of hope and joy! I pray for those who are discouraged. I pray for LynnMarie and that she gets an extra hug today! I am praying for you.

Let me know if you stop by today please!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Friday Beautiful Blessings

Man oh Man, was I blessed again. I had so much fun last night. First Fridays is our monthly Atlanta Support group and if you ever want to come join us the First Friday of the month, I will clear the weekend for you!

We had a large turn out (over 20 people) for dinner before hand at La Dolce Vita and was able to visit with new and old friends. Always a good thing! Donna had some blogging friends from Augusta visiting so they came as well and I got to see some pics of Miss Faith who will be joining her forever family soon. Lennah's mom is heading to Ethiopia to get Delilah soon and it was wonderful to hear about her plans as well. I was able to visit with Christy and her family too! Fun times and this was just dinner! As you can tell, a lot of these families have blogs as well!

So we headed to the church and we first set up our box for Starfish. We collected some things for Amanda at the Starfish Foster home and learned she would be visiting First Friday early in 2009. August is a slow month for First Friday so we were hoping for at least a few items but FF friends did not disappoint! See the pictures!

We were able to visit with some amazing people there. We have a new friend who is fundraising for her adoption. She wrote a beautiful poem, has it framed and will personalize it with pics from you. You need to see these. If not only for yourself, these are great gifts.

We started with introductions as we had new kids to meet. There was Meron, who has been home from Ethiopia for 5 weeks, Nicklas, who came home from China the same day as Meron and baby Nate who has an amazing story of his own. I love this group!

Next up Michael Perry and Susan Chapman talked about opportunities. We talked about Annabelle's Wish, Starfish Foster Home, G2 Girls and China Tree which is an amazing Chinese school in Kennesaw to teach your children about Chinese culture and language. I can not wait for LynnMarie to get home so we can take part of this. Michael also reminded us about the Starfish story. The more I am reminded, the more I want to help, one child or family at a time! Love that story, the fact that each one of has the ability to help someone is amazing!

Then time for more socializing and meeting new people. We had so much fun we were one of the last families to leave!

Honestly, we do not deserve this community. These are some of the people who will be welcoming LynnMarie home. They love us and have such a love for children and international adoption.
We also had the promise of what is the most unselfish,giving gift from some wonderful friends. I can not wait to share it with you.

Friday, August 01, 2008

First Fridays

Tonight is First Fridays, who is going to join me? If you live in the Atlanta area, check out for more details. I have never NOT been blessed by this awesome community. Dudes, it sooo rocks!