Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Friday Beautiful Blessings

Man oh Man, was I blessed again. I had so much fun last night. First Fridays is our monthly Atlanta Support group and if you ever want to come join us the First Friday of the month, I will clear the weekend for you!

We had a large turn out (over 20 people) for dinner before hand at La Dolce Vita and was able to visit with new and old friends. Always a good thing! Donna had some blogging friends from Augusta visiting so they came as well and I got to see some pics of Miss Faith who will be joining her forever family soon. Lennah's mom is heading to Ethiopia to get Delilah soon and it was wonderful to hear about her plans as well. I was able to visit with Christy and her family too! Fun times and this was just dinner! As you can tell, a lot of these families have blogs as well!

So we headed to the church and we first set up our box for Starfish. We collected some things for Amanda at the Starfish Foster home and learned she would be visiting First Friday early in 2009. August is a slow month for First Friday so we were hoping for at least a few items but FF friends did not disappoint! See the pictures!

We were able to visit with some amazing people there. We have a new friend who is fundraising for her adoption. She wrote a beautiful poem, has it framed and will personalize it with pics from you. You need to see these. If not only for yourself, these are great gifts.

We started with introductions as we had new kids to meet. There was Meron, who has been home from Ethiopia for 5 weeks, Nicklas, who came home from China the same day as Meron and baby Nate who has an amazing story of his own. I love this group!

Next up Michael Perry and Susan Chapman talked about opportunities. We talked about Annabelle's Wish, Starfish Foster Home, G2 Girls and China Tree which is an amazing Chinese school in Kennesaw to teach your children about Chinese culture and language. I can not wait for LynnMarie to get home so we can take part of this. Michael also reminded us about the Starfish story. The more I am reminded, the more I want to help, one child or family at a time! Love that story, the fact that each one of has the ability to help someone is amazing!

Then time for more socializing and meeting new people. We had so much fun we were one of the last families to leave!

Honestly, we do not deserve this community. These are some of the people who will be welcoming LynnMarie home. They love us and have such a love for children and international adoption.
We also had the promise of what is the most unselfish,giving gift from some wonderful friends. I can not wait to share it with you.


Dawn S. said...

Aww, looks wonderful! Wish we were able to go! LID 3-13-06

The Evans Family said...

We are glad that we were able to attend and see every one. Thanks for collecting for starfish--it's a wonderful cause.

sara said...

I am so envious of your group!!

Lily Makes 3 said...

Wonderful photos! Missed you all too!

Debz said...

You guys really have this group organized! Wow very impressive.

jennifer said...

What a great group! Wish I was a little closer!!