Monday, June 28, 2010

Memphis Trip, Friends and Sights

Memphis Zoo. I love shooting the tigers there.

This same gorilla stared at us the entire time 2 years ago too.

Grizzly bears playing in their river in the new Teton Trek section.

Polar bears in Memphis? Sounds like something out of LOST, but he was keeping cool.

Bonding with a new friend. LynnMarie loves to say, "monkey bum."

I think I'm from the same place as him!

Looking at the animals with Momma.

Both the cheetahs started stalking.

The orange bugged the white during his nap, just like housecats, but bigger.

A break at the Pink Palace Museum.

Mid-morning nap time.

Downtown Franklin, TN. If you are there, go visit Sweet CeCe's Yogurt shop.

LynnMarie with the Brigman girls. Fast friends.

Amy with "Mini" Cooper Rushing.

Amy with her friend and former coworker Katherine.

Monday, June 07, 2010

LynnMarie and Ethan sharing a friendly hug. Big girl loves to give hugs and say AHH! She has also discovered the movie Shrek and can sit through a good portion of the DVD. Her vocabulary is continuing to grow and she is sooo close to jumping (her last big developmental milestone)