Monday, July 31, 2006


A lot of people were given a log in date today for China. How exciting for those families!!! Now they begin the wait for a referral for their child!
As I have had time to explore and research blogs, websites and talking to people who have adopted something has occurred tot me..i mean really occurred to me what a life changing proceses adoption will be. Just the idea of adding a person to your family is simply HUGE!! Those of you who have adopted and those who have biological children can share with me.

I remember getting married almost 5 years ago. That was a HUGE change. You cant be selfish anymore..I had my ways of doing things as did Michael. We still have our own ways of doing things but you have to be able to adjust to your spouses ideas..that was hard..I think it was 6 months into the wonderful marriage that it hit me. It was hard but you know what? It was also fun. I loved learning new things about my husband and i still do.

I seriously think about the day we get our daughter from China, and how not only will our lives be forever changed, but also hers. i pray for a smooth adjustment as we take her from a place she has never left to a new and exciting life..

I am sentimental person, although most people wouldnt know that. I am also very excitable. I cant wait for the day that they place our daughter in our homes and we take her home with us..

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Sitting here at work, wondering when we will be mailing the application. Its pretty complete, we both answered our questions, thats pretty much it.

Apparently Michael met someone today who has used the agency we have chosen?

Someone asked me today "Why China, dont you like American kids"? Now, tell me, how in the heck is the proper response to that?

Ladybugs are cool!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


The strange questions have started. "why are you adopting"? Why China and not another country? Why would you spend that much money on a family?

Mind you, most of these people are just curious but it sometimes I think people are being ugly. I am not worried though.I do believe that our child will be loved and cherished by all of our family and friends..its actually exciting to think about it.

The formal application should be going out sometime next week and then we wait for the next step. We are working on getting the house ready for our homestudy, but with both of us working a lot of overtime, the process is slow. I can report the bookshelf is no longer in the kitchen which is pretty exciting.

No, we havent talked about names. i dont know why.Perhaps its the fact that we have a long wait ahead of us.
Michael has told me that Lucy will have to go to training school before we bring any child into the home. We got Lucy the bassett hound due to the laid back, lazy personalities they are know to have. Lucy seems to have a defect. Im just kidding. It is funny to watch her do laps in the back yard..

Until next time...

Friday, July 21, 2006

me and Michael

Nope. There really is nothing to report. I am getting so much info from people on the internet about China and our agency and everything, I am ready to meet some of these people. We are expecting the best...paperwork will not be that difficult, we will be approved, travel will be great, baby girl will bond and not grieve over her new environment.

I am very excited about the whole process,but the difficulty of the process is starting to hit me. Perhaps Michael and I can over the adoption packet in the car or while on the trip. I hope so. There is so much to talk about..

I am not worried.
I know we can do it.
Its just how to start.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its still July

I still can not believe how many online journals there are online. Thanks to those of you who sent us more. IN one day, I think I had 25 positive responses to the agency we have chosen. I think we have the chosen the right one. I have no interest in looking into other ones, I am just ready to get started.

I have spent hours reading posts from various yahoogroups on what we call "the paperchase". its actually a little intimidating with all the paperwork, where you have to get it signed, where you have to get it notarizedm should you mail it or drive it over? should you use a courier or use Fed Ex? How do you know when it gets there?

Once it gets there, how long until its approved and then the waiting..RIght now, its just over 12 months (thats 1 year folks) and then about 6 weeks before you fly to China. I need to get started but I also need 2 days off in a row. maybe on our trip this weekend, we can get the application mailed..That would be sooo cool..

Off to finish work for the night

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006

the process

Let's see. We are going to celebrate every small step in this process. Last night Michael finished the upstairs spare bathroom. We need to touch up a few places but other than that, its done. It looks really good. Its the coolest shade of a smoky, country blue with a bit of pizzaz to it...Now for towels and shower curtains and accessories. Just kidding, that can wait. That took a a bit of stress off..Thank you Michael.

Which room will we use as a baby bedroom? Right now, it looks like it will be the white one, we just need to empty it out before the home study begins.

What names have we picked out? We havent even discussed that. I write this question because many people have emailed me with that question..There are certainly names I like. People at work know this. I have been talking about baby names since I started working at CHildrens Healthcare of Atlanta 5 years ago. It definitely won't be a trendy name because we dont want our kid to have the same name as everyone in her kindergarten class. We will eliminate the following names as a middle name since according to the baby name listing in the Orlando paper every Monday and thursday, are used by everyone. These names are (and in no particular order) Lynn, Grace, Marie, Elizabeth. I love them all as first names, just not has middle names.. I am aware that I have serious issues. My husband doesn't have the issues that I do, and I guess thats a good thing.

I can not believe the amount of emails I have gotten from families in this area who have adopted from China. I have gotten in touch with people who have used our agency and they were very open and honest. I am hoping we can get together with some of these families within the year. The wait for Chinese children is getting longer all the time. The quicker we get our house in order the quicker we can start. Actually we can start all the paperwork before hand. We will be handing in our application this week and then after approval waiting on a date to get our fingerprints done. I havent gotten all the information but apparently the fingerprints only last 18 months, so once those are done, we really have to get moving.

Like I said before, I am trying to figure out how to get a video on here because I know you will love it.

Its amazing to know there is a little girl out there for us !


The application arrived and its filled out

We feel a peace about the whole process

We are finding encouragement from an enormous amount of people

We are finding the motivation to make changes in our home and lives

We pay a little at a time

Prayer Request

The "paperchase" will go smoother than expected

The encouragement will continue

That Michael and I will grow stronger together

Finances will not hinder us and that God will be provide

The motivation will continue

Pray for the orphange workers and that they remain healthy as they work for with children

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The application has arrived!

SO today, I sat down and emailed a few of the references the agency sent from our area..Holy cow! I love this agency. People were honest and sent me some personal stories that I already love all of these people. We have been invited to a few homes to meet their children and just get some encouragement. Unfortunately, my work schedule is going to make that difficult.

There have been some sweet blogs and websites about people and their journeys. I have enjoyed reading about them and starting to get a bit excited. I have also forwarded the email to Michael.

Oh yeah, the application came today and its pretty much filled out except for some of the financial things that Michael will fill in. They sent a short DVD (will watch with Lucy tomorrow) and a few other papers. Since I work with kids, there is an additional form that has to be sent it..All in all a good day but didnt get much done around the house.

There is a video I want to post on here, but I am going to have to have someone help me because I have no idea. You will guys will love it..

Have a great morning, afternoon, evening and night!

Monday, July 10, 2006

We've only just begun

What's up with your adoption stuff? that is a popular question. We are waiting for the application from the agency..After that, we pay money send it in and go to a 3-5 hour orientation which should be fun. I have researched a lot, ALOT and the internet and found some good things.

1.I have learned that the ladybug is a symbol used in a lot of Chinese adoptions. I think that is pretty cute

2. I have learned I need to really clean and organize my house room by room..The downstairs wont be so bad, its really the upstairs, garage and attic that need work.

3. I learned that spaying the dog didnt calm her down. Oh wait, that has nothing to do with adoption. Sorry

4. I have learned we have a long process ahead.

5. I learned not all of the money is due up front.

6. I have learned that in the hotels we stay at, they provide a lot but the beds arent that soft.

7. I have learned the home study may not be as bad. We have to explain a lot, schooling, childcare, dog, stuff like that.

8.I learned I need more pictures of my Michael and I.

9. I have learned that 2000 pieces of paperwork go to China each month.

10. I have learned there are not guarantees

and I have learned that we have a number of people supporting us and praying for us.

Thank you all!

Friday, July 07, 2006

more details

We are still waiting on the application from the new agency. Hopefuly it will come today or tomorrow. I am sorry this blog isnt more creative. I have tried but have been unsuccessful. Several friends have asked if we are done with all of the paperwork and I am like uhm, no... Hopefully we will go to the agencies informational meetings and attend one of the support groups called "First Friday" soon. Then we will be getting more things together and then the homestudy will begin. I dont want to write down a time frame, as I am sure I will not follow it. Its amazing the pictures that they will want.. A picture of the family room, the backyard, the kitchen, the babys room (doesnt have to be ready). If you dont have a swingset in your backyard, then a picture of the neighborhood one will count. I dont even like that one, so we will have to find something else.

They will probably ask for 8 pictures of us with other people. I guess its to make sure we are social. We may be calling on friends to get together just for pictures. They want us to have pictures of us with hobbies. This could be difficult but not impossible..I guess a cruise picture wont work even though I consider it an expensive hobby.

I am still getting emails from people who know people who have adopted from China and different agencies in stuff. I appreciate all of that, thank you.

Will let you know if the application comes in!
Amy and Michael

Monday, July 03, 2006


Well. Over the past few weeks I have felt uneasy about the agency we picked..Not that there is anything wrong with it. Since we decided to follow through with international adoption, this agency has been the only one in my mind. With that said, my father in law asked me to do some more research and I have..A LOT. I mean, over 10 or 11 agencies, unwilling references and all that jazz..

My mind has been uneasy and I wasn't sure why. Today I get a call from ana unknown number which I usually do not answer. I'm glad I did. Remember I told you guys about meeting a family on our Disney Cruise in May. That lady referred me to another lady (Mrs. chapman) who is experienced in international adoption, has used a few, and is incredible knowledgeable. She is the sweetest thing. she asked me if we wanted a Christian agency or not, which we did. Now, in the state of Ga, most international agencies call themselves "Christian" regardless if they are or not. She threw out a name of an agency that I had not heard of. She told me the administration were Christians but they did not use the name in the title because they didn't want to exclude anyone.

I checked out their website, and loved it. they are the cheapest of all, they seem to have the best communication system and at this moment, I fell totally at peace with them..

I think we are going to dinner..will post later


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Facts you may not have known

Do you know how many international adoption agencies are out there? I am not sure I do either, but I know its a lot. I have pretty much completed our application, but I am just checking out a few more. I have researched dozens of blogs with peoples journeys and I am not sure we have chosen the best one. I could be wrong but I have heard better stories with other agencies.

What are we looking for? Well, the price for all of them is about the same? we do look at the time frame. We look at the home study reports and how accurately those turn out. The agency we have chosen so far has the best score with home studies and such. We look at how much communication the agency has with the adoptive parent. What else is important? We want an agency that looks after you while you are in China, and the agency we have chosen so far doesnt let you out of your sight which is something that reassures me. travel arrangements, paperwork, timing also play a big part in the decision.

Michael was at work and met a couple of moms who had adopted from China so I am glad he was able to talk to them. Apparently a few of our pediatricians have also adopted from there so I am hoping to get some information regarding that.

Apparently there is word that Steven Curtis Chapman had returned to China to visit with his adopted girls and has been promoting it with his family. Almost everyone I tell about our plans knows someone who has adopted or is in the process of adopting.

God is good and I am sure I will either be at ease with our decision or decide to change agencies this week. After that, we have a lot of things to do like background checks and stuff like that but I will keep you posted..