Saturday, August 29, 2009

Corny Photo-opp

Tonight we were eating dinner, spare ribs from Publix, green beans and corn on the cob from the farmers' co-op. We cut some corn off the cob for LynnMarie, but she indicated she wanted to try to eat it like Mommy and Daddy and dang if she did not do it. Such a smarty-pants!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rough Night

We did have a crying moment last night. Sweet girl kept trying to jump on the computer and wanted to hit and punch it. I told her No. I must not say it right because everytime I say NO, she belly laughs. Any suggestions for this age . SO, I took her hands and just held them and counted to 5 and then the tears began..Then my tears begin. For many reasons.

You see, since we discovered our daughter way back in Nov, my mind has wandered over her abandonment, her special needs and her past. I have avoided thinking about it deeply for some reason. I want to remember her past but focus on the present and her future.

For some reason,it all came to the front of my mind last night as I stared at her and then started the questions.

What if LynnMarie has not been found? What if her Foster Home had not gotten her to treatment? What if we had decided not to accept her referal? She is the most precious gift from God and my mind wandered to the question, what if we had not experienced her? Where would she be?

I really think it hit hard last night but I cried. Real tears along with my daughter whom I have waited for so long. How I want her to feel loved for the rest of her life.

What was it like not to have as many hugs and cuddles as she gets now? Then I think about the babies all over the world who are crying out and their needs are not being met. This physically hurt my heart and my mind and immediately took me to a nice long talk with my Heavenly Father.

It was just an emotional night when I realized that the little girl in front of me at one time was all alone..Although, I do not want to focus on this, I think mentally I needed to go there.

2 things about parenting and adoption

1) You gain a lot more respect for your own parents
2)God's love is soooo obvious

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a few pics

Just a few pics of our sweet miracle who is just amazing..and humble really.. This is the most amazing time of our lives..Her smiles lights your heart immediately..She babbles and says Momma, Dadda, Book (well she says buh), squeals at the kitties...... Ill post more pics later this week. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and now Little Einstein. She eats almost anything and loves to feed her self..We only do bottles and sleeping time and her brace goes on every night! She also loves to put lotion in her hands and squish it everywhere..
Daddy is getting to go back to work so we will be working on our permanent routine soon. But she really is wonderful. To think that God had our family in His mind the day she was born amazes me. I could never explain the past 3 years..The wait was worth it..It was hard but makes all of this so much more special. I can't wait to one day share with you the story of how we got her referral. Not sure my heart can get any fuller or happier.. She gets attention wherever she goes, Publix, restaurants and other things!!!
On another note, what do you guys know about lifebooks and how to even start? What do you put in them?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday, August 07, 2009

FLorida trip

We are home from another wonderful trip to Florida. This time we visited family, attended a cousins bridal shower and just relaxed. LynnMarie was able to swim, practice her walking and just show off. She is wearing big girl pjs now, and many firsts! She went on a boat ride at Grandpas house, went on her first pony ride and saw many butterflies. We spent a long time at a wonderful petting farm near Disney and she loved it..She was able to touch many animals..We spent time with cousins and new friends..There really isn't anything better than family. We missed seeing some of our Orlando friends but maybe next time.LynnMarie does very well in the car and slept well at both Grandma's houses..She is such a joy and I really think she gets happy from making others happy..It was nice to see her interact with new friends her age.

We can't wait to visit again and share more experiences with her! Enjoy the pics!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009