Sunday, August 16, 2009

a few pics

Just a few pics of our sweet miracle who is just amazing..and humble really.. This is the most amazing time of our lives..Her smiles lights your heart immediately..She babbles and says Momma, Dadda, Book (well she says buh), squeals at the kitties...... Ill post more pics later this week. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and now Little Einstein. She eats almost anything and loves to feed her self..We only do bottles and sleeping time and her brace goes on every night! She also loves to put lotion in her hands and squish it everywhere..
Daddy is getting to go back to work so we will be working on our permanent routine soon. But she really is wonderful. To think that God had our family in His mind the day she was born amazes me. I could never explain the past 3 years..The wait was worth it..It was hard but makes all of this so much more special. I can't wait to one day share with you the story of how we got her referral. Not sure my heart can get any fuller or happier.. She gets attention wherever she goes, Publix, restaurants and other things!!!
On another note, what do you guys know about lifebooks and how to even start? What do you put in them?


redmaryjanes said...

It's pure magic isn't it? I haven't started a life book yet, but I plan to.

Kiy said...

Yeah, I too hope to start on Emi's lifebook ... sooner rather than later. I know there is a really great group, but I have yet to join. Kay Graap started one of the first (the first?) yahoo groups and then, I think, needed to take a step back. I think this new one is what morphed. I do plan on joining once we are settled and I have enough time to really devote to it.

As to, the wait being worth it --- I *so* hear you. It was worth every fight with a gov't official, every tear, every-little-thing and all the big things too. I too could not be happier, am loving my gal every single moment of every single day.

I so very happy for you guys. Looking forward to the day when you can share that story!

Cheers, Kiy

Kelly and Todd said...

Hi Amy --

If you are interested you should check out the below website:

This is the new group that started when Kay took some time off. I believe the membership cost is around $5.00, but you then get to download a free guide and I believe some digital scrapbooking pages so it is worth it. The group is going to start writing again soon, so now would be a great time for you to check it out.

I follow along, but haven't started writing b/c we are still waiting for our little girl. It's nice to see what others are saying/writing and this will be a big help to me when the time comes to actually put our own lifebook together.

I hope that helps.

-- kelly :-)

PS - I'm so happy for your family and love reading your blog.

Kim said...

I've got lots of stuff on lifebooks and Sheridan's is about half done. You can come over and see what I've got on hand before buying anything.

You are in a unique position because you have so much stuff from LynnMarie's beginning. Where most of us have holes that can never be filled in, you have most of the answers.

Bella's Mommy said...


Another site to try is they have lots of international adoption stuff including digital kits and I know the owner does seminars because I attended one offered by our agency.

Kristy said...

That smile makes my heart smile too!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Ellen and Kevin Fay said...

Amy: Of course she makes your heart melt. God is so good. :) Ellen

Mommy Spice said...

I know what you mean. Even 6 years later, I'm still amazed.

TheDideonGang said...

Hi there,
read your comment on my blog - thanks for writing....
I got to check all your last few months finally read and caught up.
Congrats she is just beautiful - you have been greatly blessed
God Bless you

Shelly and Family said...

Oh what adorable photos!

Debz said...

Loved see this pic of the two of you. She is a cutie. God truly had it all planed out for each one of us and at the end of the day when you can look back you can only begin to imagine how He lined every single detail up....flawlessly.