Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Little Late LynnMarie's Books

Amy and I are in Memphis, TN this weekend. We were killing time while waiting for a college friend of Amy's to call us and we took a walk in the mall next to our hotel. When we got to Waldenbooks we noticed a sale on Dr. Seuss books and I had yet to purchase a pair of books that I had previously selected for LynnMarie's collection. At 2 for $15 we picked up Ten Apples Up on Top and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Today we add..... The Cat in the Hat!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today I was thinking about a lot of things. Perhaps it was lack of sleep or just enjoying my job this week. I wrote about my experiences as a pediatric nurse here.

I was thinking about how every experience these days has the potential to make us the best parents for Miss LynnMarie when she gets here.
So many things have impacted us this year like family and friends praying for us, First Fridays, friends having babies, our community group and so much more. Even parents I meet at work who I only talk to for a few minutes have impacted my thoughts. I wish I kept a running log of all the wonderful things parents have said to me when I tell them our plans.

I see how families interact and see how kids are disciplined. I have watched the honesty and sincerity of children. I have loved observing. I am learning so much and that's another good thing about this wait, I have time to watch and learn. I can not wait to learn more about China and the its culture as well.

Friends whom I have met in person, you sooooo rock and my new blogging friends you rock as well. I have enjoyed your honesty and joy. I look forward to learning more from all of you.
Even the children I meet and the patients I have met at work have changed the ways I look at things, in such a good way. I am meeting families who have adopted all around the world and have found such encouragement.

What we are experiencing is so much more than just China or adoption. I can not expain this and for those who are just beginning on this journey, welcome!

Oh and another thing. A couple of posts I mentioned meeting a new online friend who will be on our Disney cruise and the whole read thread thing. I have now learned that this family has been thinking about moving to Marietta which is sooo close to us..How cool is that?
Hope this made sense. If not, I will delete this later. HA!!!!

I hope that we can impact others in the same way.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Meditations

No list today, just spending some time talking to God and trying to be quiet and just listen, which is pretty hard for me.

Hope you will join me and will let us know what you are praying for!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Need your help

If you read here regularly, please let me know. My bloglines was deleted and I don't want to miss reading yours. I need to update all blog addresses

Apparently my bloglines were just locked up. All blogs are accounted for. is a site that you register all the blogs you read and then it lets you know when they are updated. Saves a lot of time!!

Thanks guys!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Red Thread

So I was at work today, doing some training of a new employee in my department when a customer came up simply wanting to check out. I noticed she was middle-aged and had a young girl, maybe 8 years old, of Asian background with her. I overheard her call the girl Mia. As my trainee was ringing up her order, I asked "Is Mia your daughter?" and she said, "yes." I followed with "Is she from China?" and again she said "yes."

I then told her my wife and I are in the process and our log-in date is April 23, 2007 and her face absolutely lit up. We talked for about 10 minutes and eventually realized that she recognized me from over three years ago when I managed a Christian bookstore about 12 miles form where we were today. She was very excited to hear how things have progressed and we discussed the current wait time. It was a neat experience, both from the aspect of having met someone else in the Red Thread Community and to see how authentically excited for me she was.


10 months LID

its been 10 months since we were logged in! 10 months of waiting but 10 months of wonderful memories..thanks to all who make this wait such a special time..Tune in later to see the book we pick. I think its Michaels turn!

Friday, February 22, 2008

and the red thread continues

So most of you know that a Disney Cruise had a lot to do with where we are today. Would you believe it happenned again? Today, I am helping book our family's next Disney cruise so I wandered on the message boards. I just got a message from someone who will be on our cruise and wants to adopt from China and found our blog. Oh I cant wait to meet this family!

God is sooo cool!'

Monday, February 18, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman in Concert

Pictures Michael took last night.

Monday Meditations and 623

I am sad. I wish I could do more. Last night I thought of the word orphan. Its a sad word. Because when I think of orphans, I think of children with no mom and dad. Children who don't get kisses and books read before bed. Children who don't get the opportunity to wake up in the middle of the night asking for water. Children who have never experienced a tickle or a belly laugh. Children who don't get cuddles. And then this face is etched in my mind. A small child with sadness and no hope and its breaks my heart. Maybe its a face I have seen from watching the World Vision and Compassion videos. I dont know. I want to hold these orphans. I want to tell them I love them and give them hugs that will last forever. I want to make sure they are fed. I do not want anyone to have the feeling of hunger or sickness. I want to give them happy memories. This is so much more than just China or Amy and Michael or LynnMarie.


623 children became orphans last night while we were at a concert. Every 18 seconds, a child becomes an orphan. Oh I wish we could do more. I can pray. I can sponsor. I can donate money. I can adopt. I can help change a life..Thats big. I think about the bloggers over in Uganda last week and it blows my mind the lifestyle I have and what others don't have.

I am sad. I have too much. I don't deserve this. I am always wanting more when there are some who may not even know the word want.

Today I pray that God will provide comfort to those who have no one to comfort those. I pray their basic needs will be met. I pray my heart stays like this so that I don't forget how I feel at this moment.

There are children in cribs, crying, not being held. They will continue to cry until they fall asleep. There are children who are hungry and don't have food to eat. I just can not fathom this. I have been blessed beyond measure and maybe just maybe its time to share those blessings. I am not sure why I feel this now or how I can make a difference. There are children who are in need of cuddles and hugs. I have cuddles and hugs to give. I could go on and on. I think I will post the rest of my thoughts over at my personal blog.

Please pray with me today for each child who is without a mommy and daddy today. Pray that they will soon find them. Pray that those whose hearts are being moved towards adoption will take that step of faith.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Morning Chat - Disney

We found ourselves all discussing our love for things Disney this morning, so I decided to put these pics up. With the exception of the picture of me, Amy and Mickey, these are all from the Disney Cruise Ship the Magic.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Really nothing to report with the Christopher family. We are waiting. We are learning. I am enjoying the wait. I enjoy the new people I have met. I love the fact that adoption is such a huge part of my life and it really helps me connect to some of my patients.

Oh and in case you didnt notice the button to the left, tomorrow is Saturday morning chat over at the Seventh Diamond. Stop by, say hello and introduce yourself to some of my blogging buddines..Im excited because I will not have worked and will be awake for the chat.

RMJ from Seventh Diamond is also collecting things for the Starfish Foster home and hopefully I will learn more about that tomorrow!

Oh and we got 2 more surprise quilt squares this week!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not that this has any significance but thought it was funny. I signed up to work in the nursery at church and each age group has a country name so I was offered England which is for 0-6 month olds or China which is 7-12 months. Guess which one I chose?

Yeah for Karen and Bruce! They are headed to China to get Micah! Dont forget to check out the Uganda button to the right..There are some amazing pics of what I can only guess is a life changing trip!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Meditiations

This week I am praying for

Karen and Bruce- they are travelling to China to add Micah to their family! We love you guys

Love without Boundaries

Starfish Foster Home-
Ive just learned about this amazing place..!

Its not early to pray for the birth moms of our children. May every person who comes in contact with them be blessed

- the bloggers in Uganda. What an amazing thing1 Click on the button to the right or go visit Carlos at

Keep praying for Union and the city of Jackson, TN!

I'm so thankful for all of my new friends I have made during this wait! You guys rock!

Thursday, February 07, 2008 thread.surreal.selfish post

I am in a state of shock. I am sad. I am not sure I can put my thoughts into words. This is not really an adoption post but I still wanted to share it. As I believe my college experienced helped shape me into what I am and that adoption seed was planted oh so many years ago.

I graduated from Union Univ in 97. In case you have not heard, Union was severely damaged in a huge tornado 2 nights ago. It will never be the same. As sad as I am, I have learned that joy will be found. I am sure of that. There are many UU alumni who are blogging and its funny that many of us have found each other after 10 years through a blog.

I have many friends in Jackson and I hope to hear from them soon. Michael and I will be visiting the area in a few weeks and I know it will be emotional.

I went to Union because I wanted to go to a Christian school. I went in hope to strengthen my walk with Christ while getting an amazing education. Oh I got much more than that. My 4 years there were just awesome. I am still in contact with my roomates and 2 of them sang in my wedding.

For my friends involved in China adoption, you understand the word community. With Union, its the same way. We all feel connected even though some of us have never met. This is such a selfish post because hundreds of students have lost everything and here I am talking about how I feel. Perhaps it the sentimental aspect, I am just sad. We watched the TV during trivia and I saw my old dorm. My actual dorm that I lived in. There is now a car in it. Only 20% of the dorms are livable.

It was during my stay at Union, my love for Christian music began. I went to my first Steven Curtis Chapman concert and it was that night I learned that Rich Mullins died. During the years I went to different concerts and just loved the music. During my sophomore year, I went on a short term mission trip to New Orleans. Union was my home away from home My family lived in Fl and my friends in college were my family. I learned to pray out loud. I learned what unconditional friendship was. I learned by watching that Christians were not perfect. I realized that loving God was fun. I learned that God can bring hope in sorrow. I realized I did not need to impress people. Boy that took a long time. My across the street neighbor was Sherry Lin. She was from China and one thing she did in college was visit famlilies who had adopted children from China. This is first time I had heard of that.

Union was the beginning of my spiritual journey and perhaps that is what I am sooo sad. I am sad for those effected and I am sad that Union will never be the same. Its the oddest thing.

So I have to tell you after college I heard the song "When Love Takes You In" and I have to tell you i skipped it on my cd every time it came on. I really did not like it. I saw the video. I thought it was nice but I once again skipped. In college, I had friends who were one of many children. I witness how they raised their families and I wanted that. I wanted a big family. Its really hard to explain but in college, I figured out what I wanted. It took my a long time to realize what I want is nothing compared to what God has planned for me..AMAZING..

Long story short. In the past year, I have learned that my college neighbor is adopting from China and has been logged in for over a year. I have learned a friend from college came home from China with sweet Emma in December. I am in contact with 3 other people who are home with their children, all from Union.

I can not connect everything together and this post is not going to make sense.
When you see Union on TV, please pray for the faculty, the students, their families and everyone in Jackson. It feels like a childhood home has been destroyed.

I do not think I would the wife or friend I am now without my college experience. I know the same will be said when I become a mom. Union is so much more than just buildings.
Union will be stronger. They will continue on.

I am amazed at how strong these emotions I have are.

To see some pics, head over to Michaels blog
To read a little more into my experience head over to my blog

***** thanks for your prayers. My prayers are with these students, most who do not have family near by. I was 3 states away from my family when I was college. I cant imagine going through that without them nearby. They lost everything. Their ID's, wallets, transportation, books, food. Most are having to accept help while grieving and suffering. This is real. This is a humbling experience. This is very hard to fathom. These are young college kids (some of them) who are having to become independent real quick. I still relied on my parents to help me with all problems when I was in college.

UU, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

photo taken from
These were our dorms. Looking at this picture, I lived in the dorm to the far left, the one highter on the screen, the closest to the campus. As Steven said, the commons area (directly in the center of the picture) is gone. That is where we socialized since we had men and women dorms.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Meditations

Praying for

China- the recent weather is effecting so many including the nannies and the babies that are caring for.
Karen and Bruce- They are leaving next week to bring Micah home!!!!! We are praying for you friends

The birth moms and birth families of our children

8 days this month- yippee 2006 is almost completed..
Many families wait is almost over

the friendships that developed because of adoption

What are you praying for?

picture taken from Google Images

Saturday, February 02, 2008

First Friday 2-1-08

Michael writing.....
This month the First Friday program was about the red thread that interconnects so many families in the adoption process. We met for dinner as usual, and had about 10 people at La Dolce Vita. When we got to the church we had our usual socializing before three families got up and shared their adoption stories after which anyone with a connection was encouraged to share, and a roll of red yarn was unraveled and stretched around the room.
There were some wesome stories, including a deicision to take a waiting child, only to find out that people who attend First Friday had been to her orphanage, and had not only seen her, had brought back pictures of them playing, only later to discover the forever family was in the house for that First Friday.
Another story included the sponsorship of a child that was not even in an adoption program, and God's provision that not only enabled her forever family to initiate an adoption, but for their adoptive child to be the baby they were sponsoring! How Awesome!
It was an incredible night, as it often is, and it was the last meeting for our friends the Ladmans without their son Micah. They leave in just under two weeks and theyll be back in time for our next meeting. Also, we received an email about our Heartbridge Bed. The First Friday group is sponsoring a bed in an orphans hospital in China, and we'll be getting updates each month about who is in the bed. This month it's a little guy named "Xuan" who is being treated for a club foot. Amy explained it's a simpy correction, and a horrible thing for a kid to be given up over.
Below you'll see some pictures from this month's meeting...
A good crowd, maybe 50-65 this month
Shay Lu helps her mommy with the red thread

Allison and her forever family

Michelle was AWESOME during the program, and the red thread reached her family too.

Tammy and Susan enjoy some social time.

Lanie, Michelle, and their daddies



Lanie at dinner (she's a lot more fun when she's not sleepy)

Shay Lu (who has friends in Newsong)