Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Meditations and 623

I am sad. I wish I could do more. Last night I thought of the word orphan. Its a sad word. Because when I think of orphans, I think of children with no mom and dad. Children who don't get kisses and books read before bed. Children who don't get the opportunity to wake up in the middle of the night asking for water. Children who have never experienced a tickle or a belly laugh. Children who don't get cuddles. And then this face is etched in my mind. A small child with sadness and no hope and its breaks my heart. Maybe its a face I have seen from watching the World Vision and Compassion videos. I dont know. I want to hold these orphans. I want to tell them I love them and give them hugs that will last forever. I want to make sure they are fed. I do not want anyone to have the feeling of hunger or sickness. I want to give them happy memories. This is so much more than just China or Amy and Michael or LynnMarie.


623 children became orphans last night while we were at a concert. Every 18 seconds, a child becomes an orphan. Oh I wish we could do more. I can pray. I can sponsor. I can donate money. I can adopt. I can help change a life..Thats big. I think about the bloggers over in Uganda last week and it blows my mind the lifestyle I have and what others don't have.

I am sad. I have too much. I don't deserve this. I am always wanting more when there are some who may not even know the word want.

Today I pray that God will provide comfort to those who have no one to comfort those. I pray their basic needs will be met. I pray my heart stays like this so that I don't forget how I feel at this moment.

There are children in cribs, crying, not being held. They will continue to cry until they fall asleep. There are children who are hungry and don't have food to eat. I just can not fathom this. I have been blessed beyond measure and maybe just maybe its time to share those blessings. I am not sure why I feel this now or how I can make a difference. There are children who are in need of cuddles and hugs. I have cuddles and hugs to give. I could go on and on. I think I will post the rest of my thoughts over at my personal blog.

Please pray with me today for each child who is without a mommy and daddy today. Pray that they will soon find them. Pray that those whose hearts are being moved towards adoption will take that step of faith.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I am with you girly..
I hope and pray that each one of these amazing little boys/girls have a mommy and daddy soon..
Have a Great Week..
I love your Monday posts...

redmaryjanes said...

I feel that way too.
But always know that you are part of the solution. You are reaching out in love and a child, your child will find love in your arms. I was reading on a blog that if 1% of Christians adopted, there would be no orphans. I will pray for the children and also that God would fill the hearts of more families with the desire to adopt.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I am with you. I would like to adopt a houseful. Praying with you.

chicknboy said...

fantastic post -put beautifully

Gail said...

I'm praying right alongside you Amy. Beautiful words, you very eloquently said it all.

:) Gail

Dawn Shelton said...

Wow, I am with you. We have so much!!! We have learned so much about Haiti lately, and it is SOOOO bad there. 300,000 child slaves and so much more... :( Let's remember...