Sunday, October 29, 2006

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paperwork, paperwork

I am back from a wonderful weekend full of love and memories..I attended a wedding and visited friends and their chidren.

Michael and I went over a lot of paperwork. Our first social work visit in Thursday. We are meeting at a Starbucks just to talk. I am looking forward to it. This past week, we both got our employment verification letters and I will work on our adoption petition this week. We are also working on birth certificates and marriage licenses. The good thing about getting married in Florida is that is saves us a step. Yeah..We are still confused by a lot but taking it one step at a time.

We saw hubbys dad at lunch and we talked about names for a bit. MIchael and I have a long list and we are curious as to what people think of them. None of them are strange or anything, but we are curious. We may put a pole up of what girl names people like..
on that note, I am going to bed

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gotcha Day!

Most of you have not seen a video like this, but this family did a great job at putting the process together!


Hello people and new readers! Life is good and paperchasing is kind of fun, because you are actually doing something regarding the process. I hope my attitude stays this good after we get a log in date, because then the long wait begins. The first social worker visit is next week and we are meeting at a starbucks. We set the next date and that is when she will come visit the house and talk to us individually! Michael and I will be headed over to the local police station to get proof we have to records and then we will be sending in more paperwork. I am waiting for my employee verification and then that will be behind us.

I appreciate all the emails and encouragment and love to hear from others who have gone this journey. If you know anyone, send them over..My email is

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mark Schultz -

Another video about the beautiful gift of adoption. Mark Schultz is an awesome singer/songwriter and I hope you enjoy the lyrics as much as we did!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

whats going on

Today I got our reciepts in the mail..That was nice, as we get some reimbursement from my job. I have been typing various letters from work as I am working with another nurse tonight which has been helpful. SO, as soon as finances are available (next week), I am mailing out for our birth certificates and marriage certificate..Its not just normal copies but I will explain all of that later. I have found several interesting blogs from people who are waiting on a referral from China. I also heard last night that a night shift nurse just returned from China with her little girl. I can not wait to meet her..I will be posting more information regarding China and traditions on this site later..
Thanks for reading and praying..

Amy and Michael

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When Love Takes You In - Steven Curtis Chapman

I thought I would share the video with you again since I have a few new readers. This is where my blog gets the name. It is at one of Stevens concert that adoption was placed in our hearts
Today I mailed out my letter to get a letter of verification from my job. As you read, Michael is one up on me. I am also going to call our assigned Social Worker and try to schedule our first home visit November 2nd...YIPEE!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Yeah, 2 out of 3 references have made it to our agency..I am sure the 3rd is on its way..Woohoo! Thanks guys!!!

Prayer requests

1) that we stay motivated and organized I dont think the motivation will be a problem

2)that the paperwork from different will not be lost and will arrive in a timely manner

3) that the waiting time will not increase anymore. Its now around 14 months from the time China logs us in until we get a referral

4)Pray for peace for the areas around China


Yes, I'm involved

I imagine a lot of you reading this blog have been wondering "where is this Michael that Amy keeps refering to?" Well, I'm here. I do the blog thing, but not with the intensity and dedication that Amy has.

As it is, I just wanted to say hello and mention that I will have limited computer access over the next two weeks as I will be traveling for work. I am a manager for the best restuarant chain in the South, Chick-fil-a, and we have a new store opening on Thursday in Madison, GA. I am part of the GO (Grand Opening) Team, and will be there from tonight through Thursday of next week. On these trips I am there to represent and model the standards and help train the new staff as well as be a face for corporate in an area new to the brand.

Regarding the adoption journey, I wish to announce that I was productive today as I secured 5 copies (may be extra) of my employment verification, which I basically typed up myself and than had my boss sign for me. :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

holy cow

Ok, the posts will be much more frequent now. I am officially overwhelmed. I have no idea where to start and the homestudy person comes in just 2 weeks. Michael is leaving for 2 weeks so I may take advantage of that and start working on the house. When I say work on the house, I dont' mean our house is trashed. I am actually proud of what we have accomplished lately. In our 4 bedroom house, we have the white room which eventually will become our nursery. Right now, it still has boxes from move in day. SO I need to find an organizational system to get rid of those boxes and that will empty that room and I will fill completely successful and then we have the office which needs a good cleaning but I can handle that as well.

It feels good to actually start this..I am more mentally there more than anything. I think that after we get back from the wedding at the end of October, things will be much more official.

I am also researching books and items for ourselves to read about adoption and more about the Chinese culture.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Adoption Orientation

Lets be honest. I was feeling good about the paperchase. Thats what they call it when you prepare to apply to adopt a child in China. Forget that. I am overwhelmed. I am happy that I am overwhelmed..Its awesome.
Lets beging at the beginning. Today was the orientation for the beginning of our process. We have to put together what is called the dossier. This dossier is what goes to the China. Once we have that put together, we beging the wait and apparently it keeps getting longer. I am okay with this.
Orientation rocked..They were honest, funny and and optimistic. We met the director and other staff members. Last night our social worked called and I think we are going to set up a time On Nov 2 to begin our home study. We will meet with her at least 2 times and one of those times will be in our home. Yes, we will have it cleaned by now.

The last few days we had to get paperwork together for this meeting and make copies of it. Michael and I took Samson and Delilah (our cats) to the vet yesterday to get updated shots and check ups. They were not happy. Other paperwork was needed but that wasnt difficult.

We both learned a lot in this meeting and were able to meet a family who came from China earlier this year with their daughter Sabrina. We also saw baby Amelia. Sabrina was dressed in her China gear and was so pretty.
It was totallly a positive experience and I am excited to get started. Working nights can either help or hinder the process. We will see how this goes.

First we need to start getting copies of everything and get police records done..
Pray I stay motivated for all of this.

I am sure I will post later now that we have officially started..


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Apparently, the social worked we have been assigned to called and left a message. We need to make an appointment to meet her soon. Thats very exciting..Now, to get the house in better shape...

Monday, October 09, 2006

the process continues

We have made it home from Williamsburg and are going to the orientation on Saturday morning..

By Sat morning, we must a lot of things together including
2 copies of everything
pet shot (rabies records)
our autobiographies (apparently a lot of paperwork which I think will be fun)
a map to our home
a floor plan

I am off Thursday and Friday so those days are full now..

Thursday, October 05, 2006