Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hello people and new readers! Life is good and paperchasing is kind of fun, because you are actually doing something regarding the process. I hope my attitude stays this good after we get a log in date, because then the long wait begins. The first social worker visit is next week and we are meeting at a starbucks. We set the next date and that is when she will come visit the house and talk to us individually! Michael and I will be headed over to the local police station to get proof we have to records and then we will be sending in more paperwork. I am waiting for my employee verification and then that will be behind us.

I appreciate all the emails and encouragment and love to hear from others who have gone this journey. If you know anyone, send them over..My email is

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Mommy Spice said...

Well, I'm right with you on the paperchasing. I found your blog through Panda Mom's comments. I am her friend, Mommy Spice. We have a daughter adopted from China and are paperchasing for Mei Mei. What agency are you using. I have not read much further on your blog but intend to. Where are you adopting from?