Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When Love Takes You In - Steven Curtis Chapman

I thought I would share the video with you again since I have a few new readers. This is where my blog gets the name. It is at one of Stevens concert that adoption was placed in our hearts


Penny said...

Wow. I just found you. I gave up a babyboy 13 years ago. I hope all goes well for you in your endeavors! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Blogger has been really ticking me off lately ~ I had this nice long comment written about your beautiful video and it wouldn't let me post it! How annoying!

Anyway, it is a beautiful video and a wonderful song. I can totally see why adoption was placed in your heart after that concert. :)

I sent a link to your blog to my cousin, Tiffany. I'm hoping she stops by to visit and watch the video. Her and her hubby are going through the adoption process (they have looked at a few different countries). I'm sure she would love the video as well.

I can't get over how adorable the kids in that video are ~ especially the little girl playing in the sand! :)

You're in my prayers and thoughts everyday! I'm praying the whole process goes quick and smooth for you and hubby!

Anonymous said...

Amy--that song makes me cry--how beautiful. It's true that when love takes you in, everything changes. I'm very touched by this; I can see you and Michael have much love to give to a child.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

The little girl in the video is one of the 3 daughters Chapman has adopted from China, the oldest Shohanna. He's had some amazing stories, including that either the 2nd or 3rd baby they adopted had been identified with a heart defect before they adopted. When they got home to the United States and had her doctor's visit, there was no defect!

amy said...

I love stories like that. Its true. We learned a lot of CHina adoption through the Steven Curtis Chapman concerts...its amazing

Kelly said...

I love the video and the song, but I think that the new Mark Schultz has this one beat. i love that CD :)
love ya sis!@

amy said...

that cd does rock and I may try to post the video today