Sunday, October 15, 2006

holy cow

Ok, the posts will be much more frequent now. I am officially overwhelmed. I have no idea where to start and the homestudy person comes in just 2 weeks. Michael is leaving for 2 weeks so I may take advantage of that and start working on the house. When I say work on the house, I dont' mean our house is trashed. I am actually proud of what we have accomplished lately. In our 4 bedroom house, we have the white room which eventually will become our nursery. Right now, it still has boxes from move in day. SO I need to find an organizational system to get rid of those boxes and that will empty that room and I will fill completely successful and then we have the office which needs a good cleaning but I can handle that as well.

It feels good to actually start this..I am more mentally there more than anything. I think that after we get back from the wedding at the end of October, things will be much more official.

I am also researching books and items for ourselves to read about adoption and more about the Chinese culture.


Jen & Bill said...


Check out my blog on August 21st. I list a whole bunch of books.

Also in Georgia, there is a free library from the Georgia Adoption Resource Center. I borrowed alot from them.

Congrats on the Orientation!


Anonymous said...

Wow ~ you really do sound busy! I bet it's a lot of work keeping all those papers organized and figuring out what comes next and what you need. Sounds like you're really on top of things, though!

I don't see how you could possibly become unmotivated at this point! So, I wouldn't worry too much about that. :) You sound so excited I'm sure that adreneline and love are going to keep you moving through the whole, I bet it gets more and more exciting as you go on!

Congrats on orientation going well...Good luck getting things done while hubby is gone!