Saturday, October 21, 2006

whats going on

Today I got our reciepts in the mail..That was nice, as we get some reimbursement from my job. I have been typing various letters from work as I am working with another nurse tonight which has been helpful. SO, as soon as finances are available (next week), I am mailing out for our birth certificates and marriage certificate..Its not just normal copies but I will explain all of that later. I have found several interesting blogs from people who are waiting on a referral from China. I also heard last night that a night shift nurse just returned from China with her little girl. I can not wait to meet her..I will be posting more information regarding China and traditions on this site later..
Thanks for reading and praying..

Amy and Michael


Amy said...

Hang in there girl! Have you started to make a lifebook yet?

Kristi Cooley, RN, PHN said...

Hi Amy!!!! Thanks so much for posting on Bekah's care page. That is awesome!!! I am so happy for you, and I also hope I don't see you anytime soon! LOL! I am praying for you on this journey. Lots of love, Kristi Cooley. PS the sisters are fine...mean as ever!!