Monday, October 16, 2006

Yes, I'm involved

I imagine a lot of you reading this blog have been wondering "where is this Michael that Amy keeps refering to?" Well, I'm here. I do the blog thing, but not with the intensity and dedication that Amy has.

As it is, I just wanted to say hello and mention that I will have limited computer access over the next two weeks as I will be traveling for work. I am a manager for the best restuarant chain in the South, Chick-fil-a, and we have a new store opening on Thursday in Madison, GA. I am part of the GO (Grand Opening) Team, and will be there from tonight through Thursday of next week. On these trips I am there to represent and model the standards and help train the new staff as well as be a face for corporate in an area new to the brand.

Regarding the adoption journey, I wish to announce that I was productive today as I secured 5 copies (may be extra) of my employment verification, which I basically typed up myself and than had my boss sign for me. :)

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amy said...

You rock..I infact, got my name changed at work after 5 years...YIPPEEE!