Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2nd Birthday

Chuck E Cheese..A good time was had by all. She had a great time and got some great gifts. One thing will do each year (birthday and Gotcha Day) is to ask friends and families to donate to Swallows Nest instead of a gift. LynnMarie is just happy to be surrounded by people who love her. Thanks to all who have donated (it will help care for kids waiting for their families) and those who came to party.. Here are a few photos!!! yes, her cake rocked!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gotcha Day 1 year later

Sweet girl,
I have been working on getting a slide show together but mom is having technical difficulties. Wow, precious one, you have been LynnMarie for 1 year today. I cant believe you are ours. I cant believe what joy you have brought not only to us but to those who know you. You are a beautiful girl, wonderfully and fearfully made.

I spent years wondering when we were going to have a baby. Years. I wanted what everyone else wanted and had. Silly me. I know Gods plans our better than ours. Look at what we got. Look at what we experienced. My heart has grown, my silliness is sillier. God continuously shows us things through you. You helped us take a big step of faith. You in your 2 years have done more than you can imagine just by being you. You are amazing. We cant not love you. You are perfect. You love with all you have. Your dad has gotten sillier too. He loves to make you giggle and you have changed him as well. He loves you sooo much.

1 year ago, several families walked into that small room. We remember the smells, the weather, the nerves. We walked in and we made eye contact.We were momma and daddy and you are the precious daughter God had created for us. I cant put into words what that moment felt like but girl, our smiles have not been the same.
Its been the greatest year..It hasn't been the easiest but it has been better than I could have imagined.

We travelled with some pretty cool people too. They helped momma and daddy out soooo much. Our trip to China was a life changing experience.

Tonight we had dinner with 2 families that helped bring you home. They too have a place in our hearts Their willingness to help and their generosity were wonderful gifts. They knew what we needed when we didn't. We are thankful for them as well.

Our journey together is still new.. Memories of last year flood my heart and my mind, but I will focus on the future and what God will do with us.

Happy Gotcha Day LynnMarie ChunAi Christopher!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

3-13-10 LynnMarie turns 2!

After getting back to Port Canaveral from a 7 day cruise to Mexico, Honduras and Belize, we went to Amy's parents' condo to rest before having a birthday party with FL family at a park on the Mosquito River/Lagoon in New Smyrna Beach, FL. We lose the hour tonight and drive home early tomorrow to try to get home in time to meet another of our travel group families from China who will be in Atlanta for the day.

She had a party with 4 of her 6 cousins, and aunt and uncle, both grandmas, one grandpa, a Great Aunt by blood and another Great Aunt by marraige.