Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just 2 pics to update you on our sweet little girl who is doing awesome. What is she doing? This week, the girl has started dancing. She is sooo much fun. She does wake up a couple times a night, but nothing to complain about since she goes back to sleep so easily. Her smile is contagious. We have been blessed with the perfect child for us. She amazes me daily with the emotions she brings out of me. Parenthood is what I expected and yet brings surprises daily.

Got a wondersmile before our walk at the playground..yeah for swings

LynnMarie and our good friend Parks Stamper from the Fish and the Smyrna Jonquil Festival this past weekend. We would not have known about the festival had she and Kim P mentioned. Well we had to stop by and say hi to one of the many people who have followed our journey and prayed our girl home!
next post, a very special visit with a very special family

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Meditations

Today, join me in those who are caring for orphans around the world.

Pray for those families who are waiting

Pray for the children who have no idea what a family is

Pray for the little Starfish baby today who is having major cardiac surgery.

Pray that God will comfort those who need comfort

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Trip Home (3 weeks later)

Michael's Cousin Hope who lives in LA and drove us around on Saturday showing us the following...

The Regency Beverly Wilshire (yes, from Pretty Woman)

Mann's Chinese Theatre (where they have movie premieres)

Whiskey a Go Go - if it's rock in LA, it's at the Whiskey

The Capital Records Building, designed to look like a stack of records. Now it looks dated.

The Hollywood Sign

Statues in the park in Guangzhou.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Community group

Last night we got loved on. Our community group spent the evening celebrating the little girl they have been praying for. They asked us what our favorite meal was and then we had the most awesome BBQ dinner ever. LM's nursery is going to have a Panda theme (once we get finished) and dessert last night was an awesome Panda Cake . Our community group not only showered us with gifts but also provided meals the first week we were home..Thank you friends!

LynnMarie does indeed like coconut
Do you see those sweet hands?

Poor Picture quality but we got diapers, blankets and a cool Panda basket with bath supplies and t shirts she had made for us. One made me cry. I will post it some other time .
She got some cool duck slippers and they fit!!! She was soo well behaved!

Eli is a new friend and he is going to be a big brother again!!! He loves babies!!

Check out this Panda Cake

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the official 1st family photo

Sorry, just found this photo. This is the first family photo taken just minutes after she was placed in our arms. Seriously, the best picture I have ever seen. Awesome. Tomorrow will be 1 month from having her in our lives

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a couple of pics followed by a video of Miss LM swinging. Headed out to the park with a friend today and although it was windier than I thought, we had a good time and I tried out the new stroller ( Got a nice one as a gift but have been using the China one, just like people told me I would) . LM and Ethan had a nice puff picnic stroller to stroller and then did the swings. This girl loved it!!!! Cant wait to go with Daddy on a warmer day and have our own picnic..very nice park!!!!

I love Mr. Quack

Still lovin bath time, thanks for the spikes Mom!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from LynnMarie
May we all celebrate the importance of this day.
Christ is Risen!!!!
The sacrifice that was made so many years ago allows us joy and freedom!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

LynnMarie has had a good week with many visitors. We still don't have a routine yet! She is doing great and loves to have her bottle, loves bath time and loves people! We are working on attachment and bonding with mom and dad, so we are limiting hugs and holds for a while until she is attached to us. I know this is hard for the Grandmas, but she has to learn we are mom and dad!

She has had a good time with Grandma L and we are thankful she was here when Dad got sick. Michael spent almost 48 hours in the hospital getting IV fluids and blood. HE was dehydrated and anemic. He was sent home and we are hoping for answers too.

As much as I do not want anyone watching LM right now, it was a blessing she was here. Shout out to my other friends who took LM for the whole day so I could visit Dad. It was hard but I am so thankful for a rockin support system..

More updates soon. Please continue to pray for Michael. Please also understand that the not holding thing is not personal. We have spent 2 years reading about attachment and talking to friends and we are doing what his best for our daughter. Once we get past this, I promise you can squeeze her all you want. Please respect our decision!!


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Doctors,Grandmas, and baths oh my

Updates. LynnMarie is rockin! She is on American time (thank you Benadryl), rides in the car well and is just soo pleasant. She goes to everyone which is good for most babies but we are working on her bonding and attaching to mom and dad. So for a while, feel free to visit sweet LM, but we are limiting who holds her, feeds her and changes her. Just for a bit. It's not personal!!!

Yesterday she went to the doctor and got 5 shots. She's back to her normal sweet self today. The doctor was impressed with her feet (she was born with clubbed feet) and we got a referral for the ortho doctor and he also addressed a few concerns that I had. Today we started her on whole milk and she takes table food well.

The last few nights she has woken up for a few minutes but goes back to sleep quickly.
Grandma Linda is here from Orlando and as you can see from the picture, she loves her a LOT!! We look forward to seeing her again in May when we go down for my sister's wedding.

So, the Christopher's are adjusting. We are still in the honeymoon phase but the parenting we have experienced has been awesome. I am shocked that we are given the opportunity to love this sweet little girl. She is awesome!!!!! She teaches us things everyday. Simple things make her happy. I want simple things to make me happy!!

Anyway, that's the update for now!!!! More pics to come later!

***** Baby girl is 29 inches and weighs 16.5 pounds

Saturday, April 04, 2009

feeding the baby

So last night, we attended our first Friday of the month Adoption Option group and although we didn't get pics, we had a blast. Everyone loved LM and we were able to meet some new friends and talked about "post adoption" paperwork which so helpful. Thanks so much Mike, Kim and Donna!

Now on to sweet girl. Here are some pics of attempting to feed baby girl some baby food. As far as solids go, she eats bananas, bread, eggs, peas. She prefers to eat by herself and I want her to use her fingers so we let her go for it. 2 nights ago I tried baby food peas and then some prunes and applesauce but wasn't to big on the idea. I steamed some corn and she did enjoy feeding herself that.!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Loving LynnMarie

We are adjusting well, I think. LynnMarie slept from 10-4am and then again from 415 until 9 when I walked in her room, found her naked and diaper less and a very wet crib. So we get dressed and had a lovely lunch with Eric and Tiffany.

Our first family experience was on Tuesday. In the late afternoon, we ran some errands including lunch and Chik Fil A. Not only did Miss LM love her bread, she got a free cow!!! We headed over the visit the Pink Elephant, a children's boutique in Marietta and just window shopped. Then we headed over and walked the mall. We attempted to keep her brace on all day as she was in the stroller but chick still got it off. I was very excited to see her in the Disney Store and she met a new friend. She will visit her new friend and hopefully one day see her at the park. Little girl is funny. If I now say yes, she shakes her head no. She loves to watch the kitty cats and still goes to bed very well. God is seriously allowing us to love the most perfect little girl for our family. It saddens me that I even had doubts but that's another story all together.

Then on Wednesday, LM and I made it to Bible Study where we were showered with some cool gifts and we played "Pass the baby" while studying Acts. We talked about China, adoption and then everyone prayed for us. It was very cool. Thank you ladies. LM ended her night at trivia. We had to make an appearance as everyone wanted to meet her, but I do not know if she will be joining our team!!! She is a fun girl and I hope you all get to meet her!!!
So for your viewing pleasure

Nice to meet you Minnie!

Dude, you kept Chik Fil A secret? NOT COOL!

I Think I like this Chicken thing

Good morning