Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just 2 pics to update you on our sweet little girl who is doing awesome. What is she doing? This week, the girl has started dancing. She is sooo much fun. She does wake up a couple times a night, but nothing to complain about since she goes back to sleep so easily. Her smile is contagious. We have been blessed with the perfect child for us. She amazes me daily with the emotions she brings out of me. Parenthood is what I expected and yet brings surprises daily.

Got a wondersmile before our walk at the playground..yeah for swings

LynnMarie and our good friend Parks Stamper from the Fish and the Smyrna Jonquil Festival this past weekend. We would not have known about the festival had she and Kim P mentioned. Well we had to stop by and say hi to one of the many people who have followed our journey and prayed our girl home!
next post, a very special visit with a very special family


Jill said...

She gets more beautiful by the day!!!!

Jonni said...


I just love the top photo so much!!!!