Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a couple of pics followed by a video of Miss LM swinging. Headed out to the park with a friend today and although it was windier than I thought, we had a good time and I tried out the new stroller ( Got a nice one as a gift but have been using the China one, just like people told me I would) . LM and Ethan had a nice puff picnic stroller to stroller and then did the swings. This girl loved it!!!! Cant wait to go with Daddy on a warmer day and have our own picnic..very nice park!!!!

I love Mr. Quack

Still lovin bath time, thanks for the spikes Mom!


Marla said...

Oh my goodness, what an absolute cutie!!! Love the stroller-to-stroller picnic! :)

Have a great week!

Linda said...

Great swing pictures. She is so cute. Looking like things are going well...Linda