Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from LynnMarie
May we all celebrate the importance of this day.
Christ is Risen!!!!
The sacrifice that was made so many years ago allows us joy and freedom!


Carol G said...

A beautiful baby in a beautiful dress on the most important day ever! Thank you Jesus for dying for all of us.

AlyAbox said...

Happy Easter to a beautiful, sweet girl and to her very happy parents too. We thank you for sharing your day with us via the internet!
Alycia and family

Renate said...

What a beautful dress for this sweet girl.

Joan (Nana) said...

First Easter with a beautiful daughter. I know you are proud parents. Happy Easter!

Amy said...

She is so beautiful! Happy Easter!

Mama Duck said...

What a darling picture! Happy Easter!

Kiy said...

Hope your day together was wonderful,


Keisha said...

Look at that sweet baby girl!!
Happy 1st Easter!!!!