Saturday, April 18, 2009

Community group

Last night we got loved on. Our community group spent the evening celebrating the little girl they have been praying for. They asked us what our favorite meal was and then we had the most awesome BBQ dinner ever. LM's nursery is going to have a Panda theme (once we get finished) and dessert last night was an awesome Panda Cake . Our community group not only showered us with gifts but also provided meals the first week we were home..Thank you friends!

LynnMarie does indeed like coconut
Do you see those sweet hands?

Poor Picture quality but we got diapers, blankets and a cool Panda basket with bath supplies and t shirts she had made for us. One made me cry. I will post it some other time .
She got some cool duck slippers and they fit!!! She was soo well behaved!

Eli is a new friend and he is going to be a big brother again!!! He loves babies!!

Check out this Panda Cake


Courtney said...

Looks like lots of fun. I love the panda cake!

Jeff said...

Sweet! (No pun intended.) That's a cool cake!

kris said...

I've missed a lot and have lots of catching up to do- wow is she adorable, so happy for you guys- she seems to be doing SO well. Need to go back and do some reading!!