Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gotcha Day!

Most of you have not seen a video like this, but this family did a great job at putting the process together!


Panda-Mom said...

HI! I so randomly found you!! It looks as though you are believers, as well. We have an adopted daughter from China!!! I have come across several other adoptive families that blog, but it is crazy how I found you. Come check us out at Pandapalooza and you'll see that we adore our sweet China girl! Hope to hear from you and we can swap stories from here in Texas!

Mommy Spice said...

Hi. I'm Panda mom's friend. Found you through her blog. I love the video. We also have a daughter from China. I am so excited about your paperchasing. I left you another comment on your paperchasing blog. We are paperchasing for #2 right now. So happy for you!

Jami said...

What a fantastic video, though I should know better than to watch something like that at work (sniff, sniff).

On a side note, I don't care for the term "Gotcha Day" though I know it's kind of in vogue at the moment. It sounds like a joke - "Ha! Gotcha!" and it also doesn't really capture the seriousness of the day. We plan to celebrate "Family Day" as the day we became a family.

Best of luck on your journey. Come visit us at: a great adoption bulletin board with some outstanding ladies also in the process.

Anonymous said... you're up 3 to 1 on the making me cry entries!

Great glad you shared it!

Lindsay said...

I love this video!
What a GREAT tribute to their adoption story, it brought tears to my eyes... tear of joy!
How wonderful and exciting!!!!