Saturday, October 14, 2006

Adoption Orientation

Lets be honest. I was feeling good about the paperchase. Thats what they call it when you prepare to apply to adopt a child in China. Forget that. I am overwhelmed. I am happy that I am overwhelmed..Its awesome.
Lets beging at the beginning. Today was the orientation for the beginning of our process. We have to put together what is called the dossier. This dossier is what goes to the China. Once we have that put together, we beging the wait and apparently it keeps getting longer. I am okay with this.
Orientation rocked..They were honest, funny and and optimistic. We met the director and other staff members. Last night our social worked called and I think we are going to set up a time On Nov 2 to begin our home study. We will meet with her at least 2 times and one of those times will be in our home. Yes, we will have it cleaned by now.

The last few days we had to get paperwork together for this meeting and make copies of it. Michael and I took Samson and Delilah (our cats) to the vet yesterday to get updated shots and check ups. They were not happy. Other paperwork was needed but that wasnt difficult.

We both learned a lot in this meeting and were able to meet a family who came from China earlier this year with their daughter Sabrina. We also saw baby Amelia. Sabrina was dressed in her China gear and was so pretty.
It was totallly a positive experience and I am excited to get started. Working nights can either help or hinder the process. We will see how this goes.

First we need to start getting copies of everything and get police records done..
Pray I stay motivated for all of this.

I am sure I will post later now that we have officially started..



Kelly said...

Woo Hoo, sounds like you are off to a great start! I really want to come see you and help you get orgainzed :) I also want to come see the leaves too...
Sounds like the process is off to a great start, sorry you have so much paperwork to do, but in the end you will reap the benefits. 2 cents said...

Good luck with all the paper work!!