Friday, July 21, 2006

me and Michael

Nope. There really is nothing to report. I am getting so much info from people on the internet about China and our agency and everything, I am ready to meet some of these people. We are expecting the best...paperwork will not be that difficult, we will be approved, travel will be great, baby girl will bond and not grieve over her new environment.

I am very excited about the whole process,but the difficulty of the process is starting to hit me. Perhaps Michael and I can over the adoption packet in the car or while on the trip. I hope so. There is so much to talk about..

I am not worried.
I know we can do it.
Its just how to start.


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Susan said...


Thanks for stopping by our web site. It may seem overwhelming at the start, but it really is manageable...I promise! My goal when we were paperchasing, was to get something accomplished every day, no matter how small it seemed. This worked well and I got everything done in under 3 months and didn't lose it in the process. Feel free to ask questions, commiserate or vent anytime!

LID 1/10/06 for Lily Kate