Monday, July 31, 2006


A lot of people were given a log in date today for China. How exciting for those families!!! Now they begin the wait for a referral for their child!
As I have had time to explore and research blogs, websites and talking to people who have adopted something has occurred tot me..i mean really occurred to me what a life changing proceses adoption will be. Just the idea of adding a person to your family is simply HUGE!! Those of you who have adopted and those who have biological children can share with me.

I remember getting married almost 5 years ago. That was a HUGE change. You cant be selfish anymore..I had my ways of doing things as did Michael. We still have our own ways of doing things but you have to be able to adjust to your spouses ideas..that was hard..I think it was 6 months into the wonderful marriage that it hit me. It was hard but you know what? It was also fun. I loved learning new things about my husband and i still do.

I seriously think about the day we get our daughter from China, and how not only will our lives be forever changed, but also hers. i pray for a smooth adjustment as we take her from a place she has never left to a new and exciting life..

I am sentimental person, although most people wouldnt know that. I am also very excitable. I cant wait for the day that they place our daughter in our homes and we take her home with us..

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Anonymous said...

Boy, I can so relate to your post. We were married 9 years before we adopted our first - we had to give up a lot of individual selfishness at the beginning of our marriage! But then I think we sort of learned to have a joint selfishness - to do what we want as a couple whenever we wanted to. When often told people we were looking forward to starting a family because we were too selfish! When we had Jaden we realized how right we are - it's like that process of dying to yourself when you first get married all over again. But it's different, too - you love that little one so much that it's a process you don't mind at all!

I am so excited for you and Michael - it's amazing how you change when you become a parent. I learned a whole new side to my husband - a man called Daddy that I had never met before. He came out the minute they put Jaden in his arms, and I've fallen in love with him all over again! Your family will change forever for the better that day they put your little on in your arms!