Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The application has arrived!

SO today, I sat down and emailed a few of the references the agency sent from our area..Holy cow! I love this agency. People were honest and sent me some personal stories that I already love all of these people. We have been invited to a few homes to meet their children and just get some encouragement. Unfortunately, my work schedule is going to make that difficult.

There have been some sweet blogs and websites about people and their journeys. I have enjoyed reading about them and starting to get a bit excited. I have also forwarded the email to Michael.

Oh yeah, the application came today and its pretty much filled out except for some of the financial things that Michael will fill in. They sent a short DVD (will watch with Lucy tomorrow) and a few other papers. Since I work with kids, there is an additional form that has to be sent it..All in all a good day but didnt get much done around the house.

There is a video I want to post on here, but I am going to have to have someone help me because I have no idea. You will guys will love it..

Have a great morning, afternoon, evening and night!

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