Saturday, July 29, 2006


Sitting here at work, wondering when we will be mailing the application. Its pretty complete, we both answered our questions, thats pretty much it.

Apparently Michael met someone today who has used the agency we have chosen?

Someone asked me today "Why China, dont you like American kids"? Now, tell me, how in the heck is the proper response to that?

Ladybugs are cool!


K. said...

Hi there! We are at the start of the process, too, and I just wanted to say hello!

All the best-

Kristen said...

Also just started the process...Don't you love that question, I have gotten it many times already and I still don't know how to answer it other than..It just felt right from the moment I decided. Best wishes,

amy said...

Thanks for posting. We are using CCAI, who are you guys using? Are you involved in any yahoo groups or anything? Any advice for me who hasnt mailed in her completed application yet?

MAMB said...

Congrats on your decision to adopt! I'm glad you found my blog and said hi. Support through these forums has been so incredibly helpful to me - and I am sure will continue to be!

And people ask questions that make you shake your head all of the time. Most mean no harm. I try to educate people about international adoption when they ask questions...but some days I don't have the energy to deal with one more "so you can't have your own?" question.

Margaret said...

I was adopting from Russia (that fell through) and I used to get that question all the time. Now I'm adopting from the US and I get the opposite. My response is the same. "Kids are kids... it doesn't matter what country they're from, they all need a home."

There's more to it of course. Most of us feel a "pull" to one country or another, but I think that's too hard to explain to anyone outside of the adoption community.

K. said...

Hi again! Thanks very much for your comments. We are in Pennsylvania. I look forward to "going through it all" together with you!

Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

Thanks for visiting our adoption story/blog, and congratualtions on your decision to adopt! It has been the best thing our family has ever done! We adopted from Kazakhstan, and we get that question A LOT - "Why Kazakhstan?" And I simply say...because that's where my children are :-)

The Sapp Family,

Suzanne said...

"After we adopt her/him, he/she will be an American kid."


A: "Oh! Have you gone through the domestic adoption process?"
Q: "No."
A: "Oh. But you think we should? Why?"

Congrats on your adoption adventure!


Rhonda said...

Lauri of Leap of Faith had the best response to that question...she stated that she did not wish to "compete in the adoption olympics". I thought that was funny. But, Margaret is right. Kids are kids, and quite frankly, its a matter of which country is the best fit for you guys. For us, the U.S. wasn't the best fit for how we want to complete our family.

amy said...

thanks for all of the responses. they have all been great and encourgaging..

Anonymous said...

We get that question too and we just say, "You know, I wonder the same thing myself! But as we looked into all types of adoption and sat in a seminar about China we knew in our hearts that it was right for our family, so that's where we're headed."

Shandra said...

My response...Why not. Don't you think Asian babies deserve a family also?