Saturday, July 15, 2006

the process

Let's see. We are going to celebrate every small step in this process. Last night Michael finished the upstairs spare bathroom. We need to touch up a few places but other than that, its done. It looks really good. Its the coolest shade of a smoky, country blue with a bit of pizzaz to it...Now for towels and shower curtains and accessories. Just kidding, that can wait. That took a a bit of stress off..Thank you Michael.

Which room will we use as a baby bedroom? Right now, it looks like it will be the white one, we just need to empty it out before the home study begins.

What names have we picked out? We havent even discussed that. I write this question because many people have emailed me with that question..There are certainly names I like. People at work know this. I have been talking about baby names since I started working at CHildrens Healthcare of Atlanta 5 years ago. It definitely won't be a trendy name because we dont want our kid to have the same name as everyone in her kindergarten class. We will eliminate the following names as a middle name since according to the baby name listing in the Orlando paper every Monday and thursday, are used by everyone. These names are (and in no particular order) Lynn, Grace, Marie, Elizabeth. I love them all as first names, just not has middle names.. I am aware that I have serious issues. My husband doesn't have the issues that I do, and I guess thats a good thing.

I can not believe the amount of emails I have gotten from families in this area who have adopted from China. I have gotten in touch with people who have used our agency and they were very open and honest. I am hoping we can get together with some of these families within the year. The wait for Chinese children is getting longer all the time. The quicker we get our house in order the quicker we can start. Actually we can start all the paperwork before hand. We will be handing in our application this week and then after approval waiting on a date to get our fingerprints done. I havent gotten all the information but apparently the fingerprints only last 18 months, so once those are done, we really have to get moving.

Like I said before, I am trying to figure out how to get a video on here because I know you will love it.

Its amazing to know there is a little girl out there for us !


The application arrived and its filled out

We feel a peace about the whole process

We are finding encouragement from an enormous amount of people

We are finding the motivation to make changes in our home and lives

We pay a little at a time

Prayer Request

The "paperchase" will go smoother than expected

The encouragement will continue

That Michael and I will grow stronger together

Finances will not hinder us and that God will be provide

The motivation will continue

Pray for the orphange workers and that they remain healthy as they work for with children


Kelly said...

I have 3 really cool names that you will need to eliminate as well, well actually 6 counting the middle names as well :)
I can't wait to hear...

amychristopher said...

you are a funny chick..we like the names kelly and barbara..just kidding. we have not even begun to think like that..we still need too get the house done before we can start anything