Saturday, July 01, 2006

Facts you may not have known

Do you know how many international adoption agencies are out there? I am not sure I do either, but I know its a lot. I have pretty much completed our application, but I am just checking out a few more. I have researched dozens of blogs with peoples journeys and I am not sure we have chosen the best one. I could be wrong but I have heard better stories with other agencies.

What are we looking for? Well, the price for all of them is about the same? we do look at the time frame. We look at the home study reports and how accurately those turn out. The agency we have chosen so far has the best score with home studies and such. We look at how much communication the agency has with the adoptive parent. What else is important? We want an agency that looks after you while you are in China, and the agency we have chosen so far doesnt let you out of your sight which is something that reassures me. travel arrangements, paperwork, timing also play a big part in the decision.

Michael was at work and met a couple of moms who had adopted from China so I am glad he was able to talk to them. Apparently a few of our pediatricians have also adopted from there so I am hoping to get some information regarding that.

Apparently there is word that Steven Curtis Chapman had returned to China to visit with his adopted girls and has been promoting it with his family. Almost everyone I tell about our plans knows someone who has adopted or is in the process of adopting.

God is good and I am sure I will either be at ease with our decision or decide to change agencies this week. After that, we have a lot of things to do like background checks and stuff like that but I will keep you posted..


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Debbie Hopkins :o) said...

Hey Amy and Michael! I'm really excited to see you DO this! David's nephew and wife in the Raleigh/Durham,NC area adopted a little girl from China 3 years ago. She's precious--such a great decision for them, too. I'll help you contact them if you want encouragement. I believe they are involved in a group of couples who have done the same. :o) Debbie