Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The formal application is not that bad. They ask all the questions I expected plus a few more which I will ask Michael to help me with. They ask the "why do you want to adopt"? and "what kind of baby/child do you want?"

Not too bad..Im waiting back to see if I can use a few people as references, I have called the doctor for letters for the both of us and left a message for 2 people at the agency. We are working on a finding a Friday night to attend an informational meeting in Atlanta to ask questions about the process from families who have done this..Should be fun!!!!!

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Jay KTX said...

Thanks for stopping by my "Turns" blog, Amy. And congratulations on your upcoming parenthood. My husband and I adopted a newborn 38 years ago. Not from China. But he was still a little stranger to us! And the process was arduous and sometimes brought tears. Anyway, it was worth it! God bless you in your journey.