Friday, June 09, 2006

Adoption story/process

So here we are with post number 2 and some of you are wondering why and how we decided this! Let me say that I really wasn't interested in the whole adoption things a few years ago, although I have a few friends who have gone through it over the years!

Most of you know that I have a favorite artist Steven Curtis Chapman who has adopted 3 little girls from China over the past 3 years. Michael and I have been to 2-3 concerts of his over the past 3 years and his story has always been told in his concert. He has created Shaohannas hope to share international adoption with people. This was just the beginning. The funny thing is that I have every one of his cd's. In college the only song I ever skipped was "When Love Takes You In" because it was for those adoption people and although that's a nice thing to do, it surely was not meant for me. Little did I know that those words would help my heart grow.

We have thought about it over the past couple of months and had done a bit of research before we went on the cruise. Mind you, I have been praying about this for a while now. On our Disney cruise we went on a swim with the stingrays tour and had a blast. We were in line to get on a boat and they asked for a family of 2 to join the almost full boat. We raised our hand and moved up to the front to get on the first boat. While we were there I say beside a lovely family who has a Chinese daughter with them, They were so friendly and told us they had not only adopted Marissa but also had another daughter from China ,Reece. I spent a while talking to Reece finding out she may be one of the most charming 6 year olds I had met (Kelly, Janie is only 5 so I am not forgetting about her). They were so encouraging and had a lot of information for us. Then we found out they were from Marietta Ga and probably live only 10-15 minutes away. How cool is that? We saw them a few times on the boat and presently are trying to hook up with them for dinner so that we can hear there story. Little did I know that this family was Rich and Denise Hall, whose story appears in the National Geographic film, Lost Girls of China. God put us on that boat and orchestrated every moment.

Denise put me in touch with Susan Chapman who has an adoption support group locally and we can meet new friends who are already a part of the process. Susan has called me and has invited us to North Metro Church. We look forward to learning more.
Since then things have gotten crazy but good. Using myspace, I gotten back in touch with friends from college. Through a friend, I learned my old college neighbor is in the process of adopting from China and has provided all kind of support. Friends are sending me links to other peoples links..its totally a God thing because my heart has gone 360 in the whole adoption idea!

Once we talk to Bethany, we will pay the fee and be assigned a Social Worker. We then will provide a lot of paperwork and begin the home study. Lots more paperwork will be done and more waiting until we are officially signed in with China. Eventually we will get a referral from China, meaning they will provide us with a picture and medical history of our potential daughter. Once we say okay to this, we wait a few more months and then we pack up and spend 12-14 days in China with others. They always travel with other Americans and we have a personal guide who never leaves us. We stay at a hotel called the Swan hotel for our stay in China while we do paperwork. Then we come home, do more paperwork and then it shall be done. It wont be done because we will have a permanent member of the Christopher family!

For now you can pray for us
1.emotional/mental health I am not worried about this but I hear at times this can be stressful and frustrating. What, its not all fun?

2. physical health Pray that by the time we leave for China, we will both be in good health

3.finances We feel like this is a step of faith and that God will provide. My job is going to help, but not only are we going to need to pay for the adoption (which includes the country fees and Bethany's fees) we will need to pay for the hotel, 3 plane tickets, visas and spending money

4.We can finally get the house together (lots of painting and organizing to be done

5. Our future child who hasn't been born yet!

Thanks already for all of your support

If you have any questions, post a comment or email me at


Barbara Pentz said...

Keep up the wonderful posts so we can enjoy the journey with you. I love you. Mom

Barbara Pentz said...

Keep up the wonderful posts so we can enjoy the journey with you. I love you. Mom