Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday morning!

Hopefully this is the second week and we will hear something from the agency. When we do, we shall keep you posted. I do believe that my friends and family may be more excited than we are..I doubt that, but the level of excitement is truly beyond belief. Many people are asking how long will it take? Realistically 12-18 months and I am totally okay that. It will take that long to get our house ready and I am not joking. I have started a list of things that must be done even before we get to the home study. There was something else I had to say, but I totally forgot! Thanks for all of the links to everyones websites and friends and families who have adopted internationally. Friday night at work, I learned a friend of mine has parents who live in China so its nice to know we have resources..
Have a great Monday


Barbara Pentz said...

You can tell us all and we are so happy for you. No one is more deserving than you, Amy . Cant wait to be a grandmonster once again.

Barbara Pentz said...

Just think of all the plans you can make in that time. Mom