Friday, July 07, 2006

more details

We are still waiting on the application from the new agency. Hopefuly it will come today or tomorrow. I am sorry this blog isnt more creative. I have tried but have been unsuccessful. Several friends have asked if we are done with all of the paperwork and I am like uhm, no... Hopefully we will go to the agencies informational meetings and attend one of the support groups called "First Friday" soon. Then we will be getting more things together and then the homestudy will begin. I dont want to write down a time frame, as I am sure I will not follow it. Its amazing the pictures that they will want.. A picture of the family room, the backyard, the kitchen, the babys room (doesnt have to be ready). If you dont have a swingset in your backyard, then a picture of the neighborhood one will count. I dont even like that one, so we will have to find something else.

They will probably ask for 8 pictures of us with other people. I guess its to make sure we are social. We may be calling on friends to get together just for pictures. They want us to have pictures of us with hobbies. This could be difficult but not impossible..I guess a cruise picture wont work even though I consider it an expensive hobby.

I am still getting emails from people who know people who have adopted from China and different agencies in stuff. I appreciate all of that, thank you.

Will let you know if the application comes in!
Amy and Michael


Wicked Witch said...

You probably have a lot of good pictures already. It is more important that you demonstrate that you have a life. This is going to be CCAA's only connection to your face so make them cute!

amy said...

I hate pictures..I always have so i am hoping others may have some..I truly depise picture taking unnless you ca guarantee me they will be good!