Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its still July

I still can not believe how many online journals there are online. Thanks to those of you who sent us more. IN one day, I think I had 25 positive responses to the agency we have chosen. I think we have the chosen the right one. I have no interest in looking into other ones, I am just ready to get started.

I have spent hours reading posts from various yahoogroups on what we call "the paperchase". its actually a little intimidating with all the paperwork, where you have to get it signed, where you have to get it notarizedm should you mail it or drive it over? should you use a courier or use Fed Ex? How do you know when it gets there?

Once it gets there, how long until its approved and then the waiting..RIght now, its just over 12 months (thats 1 year folks) and then about 6 weeks before you fly to China. I need to get started but I also need 2 days off in a row. maybe on our trip this weekend, we can get the application mailed..That would be sooo cool..

Off to finish work for the night

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