Monday, July 10, 2006

We've only just begun

What's up with your adoption stuff? that is a popular question. We are waiting for the application from the agency..After that, we pay money send it in and go to a 3-5 hour orientation which should be fun. I have researched a lot, ALOT and the internet and found some good things.

1.I have learned that the ladybug is a symbol used in a lot of Chinese adoptions. I think that is pretty cute

2. I have learned I need to really clean and organize my house room by room..The downstairs wont be so bad, its really the upstairs, garage and attic that need work.

3. I learned that spaying the dog didnt calm her down. Oh wait, that has nothing to do with adoption. Sorry

4. I have learned we have a long process ahead.

5. I learned not all of the money is due up front.

6. I have learned that in the hotels we stay at, they provide a lot but the beds arent that soft.

7. I have learned the home study may not be as bad. We have to explain a lot, schooling, childcare, dog, stuff like that.

8.I learned I need more pictures of my Michael and I.

9. I have learned that 2000 pieces of paperwork go to China each month.

10. I have learned there are not guarantees

and I have learned that we have a number of people supporting us and praying for us.

Thank you all!

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The Bush Family said...

Hey guys ... Chip and Veda Bush here (adoptive parents for Fu Li Ting, now Amy Li). Well, you have ten things listed that you've learned. Only about 990 to go! But it is one of the most fantastic and blessed journeys we have taken in our lives. It's long and tough, but so very worth it in the end. Please don't hesitate to ask us questions as you have to this point.

The Bush Family
Powder Springs