Monday, July 03, 2006


Well. Over the past few weeks I have felt uneasy about the agency we picked..Not that there is anything wrong with it. Since we decided to follow through with international adoption, this agency has been the only one in my mind. With that said, my father in law asked me to do some more research and I have..A LOT. I mean, over 10 or 11 agencies, unwilling references and all that jazz..

My mind has been uneasy and I wasn't sure why. Today I get a call from ana unknown number which I usually do not answer. I'm glad I did. Remember I told you guys about meeting a family on our Disney Cruise in May. That lady referred me to another lady (Mrs. chapman) who is experienced in international adoption, has used a few, and is incredible knowledgeable. She is the sweetest thing. she asked me if we wanted a Christian agency or not, which we did. Now, in the state of Ga, most international agencies call themselves "Christian" regardless if they are or not. She threw out a name of an agency that I had not heard of. She told me the administration were Christians but they did not use the name in the title because they didn't want to exclude anyone.

I checked out their website, and loved it. they are the cheapest of all, they seem to have the best communication system and at this moment, I fell totally at peace with them..

I think we are going to dinner..will post later



Jenny said...

I ran across this site. Of course you have probably already seen it, but it seems like it is very informative, specifically about adoption from China:

amy said...

Thanks my friend for looking out for us..and I had not seen it