Friday, August 29, 2008

We're Getting a Chinese Baby!

Well... I suppose clarification is in order.

The We I referred to is the greater Atlanta community.

The Chinese baby I referred to will be a son or daughter to Lun Lun, the female Giant Panda at the Atlanta Zoo.

So even though it's not what you thought, it IS cause to celebrate!


amy said...

haha. Thats just wrong. I, your wife, so thought I had missed something!

April said...

that is so NOT funny!! Don't do that to people!!!

I can't wait for the day when you are talking about LynnMarie and not some animal baby!!!

The Straight's said...

Ah MAN bad-just bad!! Woke me up this morning though ;)

Carol said...

LOL, we thought our Panda in DC was pregnant...but nope false alarm here at the National Zoo...

k1 said...

Panda babies are ALWAYS worth celebrating!!!

Wish OUR zoo had one (or many).

The Princess's Mommy said...

Well, you about made me spit out my peach tea!! Well, congrats anyway on the panda baby...they are so cute!!


Alyson & Ford said...

Made us take a second look!!

You asked on our blog how long it took to get out "TA's". We received our referral on 08/12/08 and received TA on 08/29/08. Supposedly a very fast time; only 17 days (14 days from China receiving our LOA). We are now awaiting the final appointments so that we can book our flights.


kimmons said...

Ah, a baby panda, nothing cuter!

When we lived in San Diego, the zoo always had a bunch of cute little fuzzies running around.

A nice diversion, for sure!

Kim R.
From Caesar and louie blogspot

Beth and Ryan said...

I check daily to see if you guys have received your, this post was just wrong! Glad for the panda but hoping it was really you getting your LynnMarie.

sara said...

You HAD me!!!