Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Meditations

What's on your heart today? The past 2 weeks the world has been watching China. I am praying for the people of China, our LynnMarie, travel mercies for those who are in China now, and those of us who are still waiting. I pray that God will transform our hearts during the weight and will do something incredible during this time.
I am also praying for those who are making huge decisions regarding their China adoptions. I am thankful that because of their decision to adopt to China, God opened doors to other countries.
I am thankful for the friends who have encouraged me simply by obeying and adopting. Their decision has greatly impacted my life and its the coolest thing.
and I will praying for each pair of eyes that reads this post this week.


Don and Be said...

I pray that more employees of the state of China be assigned to C**A, now that the Olympics are over.

redmaryjanes said...

Please pray for all of the waiting families.
I am hoping we all will be receiving our referrals soon.


Amy, Thank you so much for your sweet comments during this trying time for me.
I appreciate it so much,

Anonymous said...

I pray for the waiting families and the babies in China. This has been a learning experience for sure.