Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meeting Joanna Mei and the lightbulb going off

This will be the first of many posts over the next few days just because I have so much stuff to share with you. I got to get this one out of the way before my heart explodes

We are back from vacation and more pics will be posted. Michael posted the pics of meeting some friends below. Some of you have read Dannye (LayDfrog) and Don and Be's blogs before. This was the second time of meeting these beautiful people.

Once again, God chose vacation to have a few words for me. Saturday was different. My passion for LynnMarie has been renewed. What I am finding funny on this adoption journey are that these little people are helping to change my life. Sheridan, Shelby, Micah, Gianna have helped in this process.

I think back seven years ago when I chose the floor in the hospital I am working on. God has been orchestrating events and they are sooooo falling into place.

Anyway, Saturday we spent time with these wonderful families who have been encouraging us for so long. We got to meet Joanna Mei who has been home from China less than a month . I spent some time with her parents and they were so very honest with us. Joanna Mei is considered "special needs" but honestly I would never have known. Its an obvious visual need, but my heart simply looked and played with her as I realized something. This is the first time in my life that I think I have done this. I really did look past anything that makes JMei different and just loved her and played with her. I will forever look at special needs in a different light. Adopting a SN child is not about me. Its not about Michael. This kind of hit me hard. Its not about what we can handle. I know for a fact, God will not give us something we can not handle. I am not worried about that at all anymore. Its more about what we can do to give this child the best, happiest life possible! I want that. I want to give her memories that make her heart smile.

God has been doing some amazing, wonderful things during this wait and I would not change it for the world.

I am so ready to love LynnMarie. I need a child that needs a little bit more extra love. This makes me excited.

Don and Be shared their story.Once again, I know that God places the right child in your home. No matter how you want to change the wait and everyone's wait is different, I do not want to fight God's plan. This in itself, is a whole other post. JMei is so right for this family. We have seen that with Sheridan and Shelby and Micah. I can't describe it. These children have been so perfectly placed. I can not believe I have been given the opportunity to be on this journey.

Joanna Mei, you my friend helped turn the lightbulb on and for that you are etched in my heart. and by the way, your parents rock!

Don, Be, and J-Mei

Mike, Amy, Don, Ellen (Dannye's mom), Dannye, Be, and J-Mei!


Shelly and Family said...

She is adorable! How exciting!!!!

Elisa. said...

Yes it's all in the plan, we just have to listen and follow.

Special K said...

I'm glad you had a special visit with adoption friends. Visits like that are precious.

Micah has shown us so much about ourselves through this process. He doesn't see himself as SN, Chinese or any other label you might put on him. He's just a little boy finding his place in our family.

The Straight's said...

She is a cutie pie for sure! I can't wait to see what God has in store for your family :)

Annette said...

Isn't it amazing when that lightbulb goes off... it's like it was there all along. I know God will send you the perfect fit for your family.

Margaret Miracle said...

She is so cute!!! I am so glad that you had this moment. Isn't it amazing how these moments prepare our hearts for all that is to come. Wishing you moments of Peace, Joy and Happiness as you wait to see the first pictures of your LynnMarie!

Dannye said...

we had an amazing time visiting with you guys (as always...)

hope to see you all again soon!!

Qtpies7 said...

Your post gave me goose bumps! I love when God speaks to me.

I had to comment on your comment on the baby names. Our neighber's girl is named Heaven. I had a friend years ago who let her husband name their 6th child. He named her Princess Destiny Then the mom's maiden name and his last name. Crazy, huh? LOL But, I think the most strange that I have personally known is a girl named Wonderka.
I want to name our next daughter Pande, like on Star Wars, but I won't do it, lol. I love the name but I am not going to saddle my poor child with it. So I named one of our kittens Padme.
Oh, if I had triplet girls, I would so name them Rachel, Monica and Pheobe!

Alyson & Ford said...

Your post is beautiful. Yes, we did not chose SN, as I thought we could not handle a SN child... but what do we know! What we do know is we will be getting Alyzabeth in a few weeks and God's grace will help us know matter what we face.
So glad your visit went well, wish we were there too.