Sunday, October 11, 2009

18 months

Sweet precious LynnMarie,

You turned 18 months old just a few weeks ago. True, you have experienced more in your short life than most of us ever will. I have spent a lot of time thinking about you and what it was like when you were little. Most people do not know you were just 4 pounds when you were found and that God had his big arms wrapped around you, waiting for the right people to come along.

I am so thankful you were loved on while we waited for you. But now, our journey together is still in the early stages and I want to treasure each moment we have together.

Right now, you can do so many things..You climb the stairs like no one else, you squeal with delight when you see a kitty, and you can say momma, dadda, book, byebye, ball and you have invented your own little language. You love to say Lallo but we are still working on the interpretation of that one. You started saying Lilah for delilah and can also point to your nose, eyes, tummy and feet! You are a big girl now and love to dance and bounce!

You are silly. I am soo proud of that. It is okay to wear clean diapers on your head and to make silly noises with your throat. I pray you continue to develop your own personality.

You are joyful. It doesn't take much to make you laugh. You have a friend named Bunny Bear. I am glad he does not have to go everywhere with you, but i bet he made your first day at Mothers Morning out just a little bit easier. When I am close to tears, you sense that and give me a smile that I cant help but giggle at.

Your daddy loves spending time with you. You are silly with him too and I think you may have him wrapped around your little finger too. You spend evenings with him while I work, and I am thankful for the bonding time you guys get.

You are not using a bottle anymore, just a sippy cup. You are a big girl and are using little forks and knives..You eat mostly anything, but either cantaloupe and/or watermelon are not too happy with your tummy. You take your time eating breakfast but quickly eat lunch and dinner. You like ice cream. You love your family and that makes our hearts smile. God knew at the very beginning you would be a Christopher..Thank you baby girl, for turning our world upside down and showing us love in a whole new light.


Cristy said...

Happy 18 mo sweet girl! This is one of my favorite ages AMy! Enjoy those kissable cheeks:)

Kim said...

Great post Amy!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Happy 18 month birthday you adorable little thing you!!!