Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playdate and splashtime

What a fun day. Playtime at DacKids, speech therapy and then playtime in the pool in the rain. It started pouring right when we walked but we said what the heck. We were going to get wet anyway. She is busy having fun, walking and talking more and more everyday. She is the sweetest thing in our lives and is constantly teaching us things! God has been so good to us! We will be eternally thankful for this amazing gift!


Alycia said...

She is one amazing little lady, isn't she?!
We are so grateful for you all!
Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement on this adoption journey!
Love you all,
Alycia and family

Sally-Girl! said...

She is so so cute!!!! We submitted for PA for our cutie today!!!!