Thursday, May 26, 2011

LynnMarie 3yo update

Oh how I had wanted to post her much more often. I wanted to share a few pics of sweet LynnMarie. We took her to Disney for the first time in Feb and she loved it. WE can not wait to go again. She is an amazing little girl and loves life! She finished year 2 of Mothers Morning out and will be in 3yo preschool next year. Can you believe our peanut is 3? She is sweet, funny, and sassy. She loves Tangled right now and walks around with a rubber lizard on her shoulder all the time. She will tell you to "No Throw" at times. She certainly loves to tell you the rules but sometimes just doesn't follow them. No big drama here.Michael and I are both on facebook pretty regularly so find us there if you want to see even more pics. We will always be thankful to those who physically helped and those who prayed for us during the wait to bring LynnMarie home until now. The adoption community is tight. I can not believe how much we have been loved on.


Jen said...

Sweet photos. Love the Elmo one esp. :)

Hey, can you friend me on fb so I can keep up with you guys?

Jenifer Waits

Aly said...

Hooray! Little Miss is 3! Really?
Has it been that long since Pam sent me her first picture asking me to pray for this little one? i fell in love with her at first sight, and am SO happy to have been a part of helping her walk. It blesses my heart, immensely! Three years since God laid it on my heart to adopt again? It has been almost a year since we've had Adahlyn home! Can you believe it?!
So HAPPY, HAPPY birthday LynnMarie! You, my dear, are truly a blessing to me! God bless you and your mommy and daddy always!
i love you VERY much!

"Auntie" Alycia

Jeff said...

A rubber lizard on her shoulder? Too funny. She's so precious!

Bella's Mommy said...

Thanks for posting. I check here periodically for updates. So glad LynnMarie is doing well. Glad you had fun at Disney.

Donna -N- Andrew said...

WE can't wait to take Aislinn to Disney! Love the photos. Happy 3rd Birthday LynnMarie.