Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweet girl had surgery

Tues morning we headed to the hospital at 530 am to check in. They wheeled our baby back at 8am after giving her goofy juice. LynnMarie was in surgery for about 90 minutes working on her right foot as it was starting to turn in again. She is wearing an above knee cast for 4-6 weeks and so far it hasn't been so bad.

We even took a new wagon and let her sit in her Christmas program. Now that I look at the video, it looked kid of pitiful. I could have at least decorated her wagon. So right now, she is on pain meds and getting carried everywhere. I will try to post some pics ASAP! Pray for a speedy recovery as she is an active peanut!

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Jen said...

How's she doing now? Update please! :)