Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Lovin, Had me a blast

 This summer has gone by fast but we have tried to stay busy. LynnMarie went to three Vacation Bible Schools and one Princess Camp.We went to the movies, had play dates and went to see family in Florida for a week. Sweet Sweet Memories were made.

Soooo sleepy

Lunch at Sea World with PawPaw

Sea World knocked me out!

MawMaw made me Spa Getti

Aunt Mery is the coolest

Silly Girl

Making Memories

Nope I did not make a mess

You've Got a friend in Me-- Peanut Butter

Free Chik Fil A

Good friends rock!


Yep I got a little attitude



Courtney said...

Summer is so much fun, glad you had a great one!

Jenny Robinson said...

So cute!!!