Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apologies to those I work with

Okay, so today was the day of my physical which meant nothing by mouth after midnight. I worked an extra shift last night from 11p-7a which meant nothing to eat or drink. If you know me, I drink a few Coke Zeros on my shift and usually a snack. Apparently I was not a nice person to work with last night. In fact, 2 staff members made me promise to never let my blood sugar drop at work again..

So, I left work, ready to go to my 920 appt at the dr. I got there, they pulled me aside and said the dr called in sick and they forgot to call me. Excuse me??? I and the people I work with suffered for nothing?

The worst part she can fit me in until after Christmas and that means my home study will not be complete and i wanted to have all of that done before hand. So I am a bit down but I know things could be worse so I am ok..I have been having some good talks with God lately, which is awesome!

THanks for the awesome emails and comments peoples!

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Anonymous said...

You can count on my prayers Amy!! Xoxoxo
-Katherine Ehrhardt