Sunday, September 16, 2007

Monday Meditations

Good morning friends!!!

Lets start with praises! Go ahead and share what you are thankful for!!!
1) First of all, CJ and Donna received LOA for Shelby. They will hopefully bring their precious girl home soon. Stop by and send them happy thoughts.

2)Many families experienced Gotcha Day this week. How awesome! I'm waiting for the Murphys first family picture..Check it out here! and here and here and here! !

Prayer Requests
1)Families travelling to China and back this week
2)Gianna. She has been home a few months and is undergoing spinal cord surgery for a tethered chord Monday morning at 8am. She is having surgery at my hospital so I will get to see them for a bit Monday night. Lift up little Gianna and her family. I know they are worried. Also pray for her sister Aria that she will find comfort in this situation
3)Pray that we all we continue to encourage one another. We all have bad days and I am thankful for those who leave positive messages on my blog. You guys rock!
4)Pray for those paperchasing that they may stay encouraged.
5) Everyone at the CCAA - this the place in China that matches us with our babies
6) our marriages and relationships with family members

Stay tuned. Next week, we will have a guest blogger at When Love Takes You In


Kim said...

I second the prayer request for Gianna. She is such a sweet girl and her parents are absolutely wonderful people. Also pray that her big sister, Aria, handles this stressful time without too many problems.

CJ and Donna said...

Sending up some special prayers for your list. Your prayer list obviously work :) Thanks for thinking of everyone!

Lily Kate's Mom said...

Hey Amy:

You've been nominated!

Check out my blog


redmaryjanes said...

Ooh, guest cool is that??
I will pray.

Janet said...

YES, YES, YES!!!! Praying!

Angie said...


I can't wait to see who the guest blogger fun!

Jill and Jaap said...

Will be thinking of everyone.

Wendy said...

Praying for the nannies and caregivers who are taking care of our children as they wait for their forever families.

Roy and Lori said...

We are praying that God will
give all the adopting families
strength and motivation to stay
focused during this long and
sometimes discouraging journey.
We thank God daily for all of
our bloggyland friends!