Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Meditations


1) Shelbys family is leaving in 15 days to bring her home. Pray for each family member and for Shelby to have a easy adjustment
2)Pray that waiting families will not be discouraged by rumors and will encourage each other during this week. Pray we use this time to our advantage
3)Jason and Amber- They lost their daughter Ava this weekend. She was stillborn and it was not expected. They lost their 5 year old to a brain tumor earlier this year

1)Referrals that were obtained earlier this month
2)Families that have been home for a while now
3)Adoption is such a blessing- I am thankful for my heart being opened to such new emotions
4) March and Rebecca added Sophia to their family this weekend. I am so glad she is home and healthy. They are members of our support group and Sophia (the tummy baby) will be joined with Claire one day. New families are awesome
5)We are getting a new niece or nephew in late May

Sorry that some of these are not adoption related but I know you guys won't mind


Janet said...

You're right, we don't mind at all!

Praying for Jason and Amber. Heartbreaking.

Giving thanks for beautiful Sophia! What a doll!

Roy and Lori said...

Just stopped by to visit! Hope
the two of you are doing well.
Take care!

Jay & Angela said...

Praying with you for these families...

CJ and Donna said...

Of course we don't mind. I will be joining you in prayer as usual. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts!

lisa said...

IF jason and amber need a btdt to talk to... unfortunately I have a lot to offer them.

Send them my way if they'd like to talk to me.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Praying with you...
Thanks for stopping by..

Shelly & Family! said...

You guys are getting a niece or nephew next exciting is that! (I can remember the day my sister called & told me that they were expecting...I was so excited, but so sad at the same time...we were still waiting for our LID for Francesca back than...and while we were in China for Francesca, my nephew was mom who waited what seem to be a life time for grandchildren got two of them in a matter of days).

Elisa, Jarrod, Thomas & Zoe said...

My heart and parayers go out to Jason and amber for their loss.

Mark and Rebecca said...

Just checking in finally on a blog or two.

You are such a sweet person Amy. Thanks for including us on your list of praises. We praise God for the support network we have in all of you!

My heart skipped a beat in reading about the couple losing two children. Lifting them in prayer. That is beyond heartbreaking.

redmaryjanes said...

I will pray.
Especially for Jason and Amber.