Sunday, September 30, 2007

Monday Meditations

Good morning friends! There are so many things going on. Many people are in China and many families getting ready to go to China! let me know if there is anything to add!
1. Families have met their babies this week
2.God is good and His timing is perfect
3.Friends that we have made during this journey
4.UPDATE: Shelbys family will be leaving 10/31 to bring her home. They got TA today! Yipppee!
Prayer requests
1. Shelby's familiy is getting close to welcoming her home
3.Our agencies
4.That all of us will stay encouraged
5.Our family and friends
6.That people will continue to adopt both domestically and internationally
7.Our babies-that they will be a blessing to all who come in contact with them
8. Families who are home- pray for the adjustment time
On that note, our support group is this Friday! First Fridays will be meeting at 7pm at North Metro Church. Let me know if you are interested in going. Families will be there who are thinking about adopting, presently adopting and families that are already home. Its just a wonderful time!!!!! Its such a wonderful time!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007


You know sometimes things just come to you? Well, when we first started going to our First Friday group, the Chapmans told us that this was more than adoption, we were becoming parents. Adoption takes an hour, parenting takes a lifetime.

Its true, we have finished paperchasing and waiting. Its true that one day we will get a referral with sweet LynnMarie's face and we will go to China to bring her home. Its true that we will be responsible for this child. Yes I have thought about this but tonight I really thought about this during our first small group meeting tonight.
I was thinking about the stuff that isn't exactly fun like discipline and getting shots and when they get booboos and the potential scary stuff like driving. The more I think about those things, the older I feel. But the more I appreciate my parents and what they have done for me..
I can't imagine what life will be like with LynnMarie. I am sure it will be beyond what I dream about. I wonder if she will have brothers or sisters and what she will be when she grows up. I have heard there are amazing books to read and next year we will probably start reading some.

Anyway, thats all. Its 1:40am. Best wishes to the Radicchi family. Rebecca is due to have her baby very soon..

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wow! I haven't posted here in like 3 days! HeeHee! Nothing much going on. The CCAA has reviewed the August 2006 dossiers. Thats awesome, because that means the Ladmans are done with review! WooHoow! Just wanted to share some pics with you. The first is from a friend at work Sheila. Sheila was born in Guangzhou, China and has invited us over several times for a traditional Chinese dinner. She presented this to me at work which symbolizes good luck. She said many mommies in China wear them on a gold chain and wanted me to have one. She is wonderful.
The next picture is from one of my secret pals. She sent me the cutest outfit along with stickers, a sweet card and a bookmark. I love them all!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Meditations

HI friends, please take the time to read the wonderful post from our guest blogger Tymm below. What wonderful words!

Prayers for today- what would you like to add?

1.Those who have gotten their hopes up because of rumors only to find the rumors not true
2.Pray for those paperchasing- that they will their dossier turned in
3.Our hearts- that we will remain positive and encouraged as we continue this wait
4.CCAA- I dont know what to pray for but it can't hurt to pray for the people who match us with our child
5.Pray for the families who are travelling right now
6.our agencies
7. Personal request- family member of mine who is struggling. I ask that you will pray that she has a sense of peace. Its hard to see/hear her hurting. Thank you

1)People who received their TA this week
2)Families who were reunited this week
3)the friends we have made because of this process
4)God is using this time to make us better mommies and daddies

Guest blogger- Living life for the One who gave us life to live

HI friends, I am happy to say that Tymm Hoffman is our guest blogger today. Enjoy his words. Tymm and Laura our the first friends we met at our First Friday adoption groups. this couple has been more encouraging that you will ever know!

Saturday morning I went for a run. Nothing spectacular but I felt pretty good about myself afterwards. Then I ate some lunch, had some ice cream and did some shopping. All of these things delighted me. Later that evening my wife and I met some friends at a neat little Irish Pub. I'm not sure how it looked on the outside but on the inside let me tell you - I was very satisfied with myself. Matter of fact - from the time I woke up that morning until the time I went to bed I pretty much spent the day doing things that made me feel immensely good about me (except for having to stop off at work on a weekend - not quite sure who I was doing that one for).
I am sure we're all somewhat familiar with the biblical directive to "do everything for the glory of God." I believe you can find evidence of this in 1 Corinthians 10:31 (and probably elsewhere) where it is stated:
"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."
Okay. I am nothing if not honest so let's be real here. As a Christian - how do I do this? I mean what the heck does this even mean? For example - shortly before writing this I had a sandwich. I ate that sandwich so fast I am pretty sure someone would have had a hard time seeing what was even on it let alone seeing or finding any glory for God in it. I bet God is even still wondering what was on it.
It all boils down to this... Certain things we do in our lives - even as Christians - are really hard to do for the glory of God. They just are. But you know what isn't? You know what act that people commit that I think not only shows the glory of God but exudes it - it just oozes it from every single pore. It's overflowing with His glory. It's got buckets and buckets of His glory and still some glory is slopping out on to the floor because you really just can't contain the glory associated with this act. You know what that act is?
That's right. ADOPTION.
Adoption has to be one of the most selfless acts somebody can take part in. Now I know there is a veritable cornucopia of circumstances that lead people to adoption. And I even know from some unfortunate personal experiences (in some newsgroups) that not everyone that adopts feels that God led them there or even believes in God. But I also know that something like 90% of adoptions are faith-based. Regardless of how you got to the point of adoption and what you believe about God's involvement - one thing is clearly and abundantly seen through this process - God's Glory. I think that God hold's a special place in His heavenly heart for those who choose to adopt since He too is an adoptive Father. We are all adopted through His son Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:3-6):
"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will-to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves."
I think God smiles really big at those who choose to put aside their own desires and accept the plans God has for them. He beams - grinning like the Cheshire Cat - when He sees you step out on faith, out of your comfort zone to welcome a child in to your home with the open arms and unconditional love that only a parent can give. He revels in pride and pleasure when you readjust, reorganize, restructure and sacrifice so that a child - one child in this huge world of many - may be given a chance to know Him better.
Yes - I really think God has a special spot in His heart for those who willingly say "Use me God. Bring my child to me, wherever he or she may be. Help me adopt." And that is something you simply can't do without showing the glory of God. There's so much of His glory involved in the adoption process that you're bound to get some on ya. You're family will see it. Your neighbors. Your co-workers. They are all going to see it.
If you're reading this on Amy's wonderful site you are probably involved in an adoption yourself. And if that's the case - stop what you're doing - go outside and put your hand up in the air. High as ya can. God wants to give you a high-five.
Me? I am going to go make another sandwich - with a little more glory on it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

LID book

This is our choice for our LID book this month. It has really sweet words!


Happy 5 months since LID to us! Yippeee!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bible Study

Today was day one of the Amazing Collection study I'm attending at my church. We started with Genesis and I am surprised that I started thinking about adoption and parenting and families and stuff. Abraham and Sarah interested me. They both longed for a family and yet the children didn't come as they expected. Instead they waited and waited (sound familiar?) and in His perfect timing, He gave Sarah a son in her old age. This wasn't Abrahams first child (that's a whole other story) but God provided the child he promised.

We will have the family He promised, we just have to wait patiently. His timing is so far better that ours!!!

Genesis 7:6 Sara said "God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me." And she added,"Who would have said to Abraham that Sarah would nurse children? Yet, I have borne him a son in
his old age"

***** on another note, Contest starting tomorrow at the personal blog. I try to keep these blogs separate but didnt want you to feel left out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Praises! Her surgery went well and her mommy is doing well. I enjoyed getting to know both of them! Please pray they both get some sleep tonight!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Monday Meditations

Good morning friends!!!

Lets start with praises! Go ahead and share what you are thankful for!!!
1) First of all, CJ and Donna received LOA for Shelby. They will hopefully bring their precious girl home soon. Stop by and send them happy thoughts.

2)Many families experienced Gotcha Day this week. How awesome! I'm waiting for the Murphys first family picture..Check it out here! and here and here and here! !

Prayer Requests
1)Families travelling to China and back this week
2)Gianna. She has been home a few months and is undergoing spinal cord surgery for a tethered chord Monday morning at 8am. She is having surgery at my hospital so I will get to see them for a bit Monday night. Lift up little Gianna and her family. I know they are worried. Also pray for her sister Aria that she will find comfort in this situation
3)Pray that we all we continue to encourage one another. We all have bad days and I am thankful for those who leave positive messages on my blog. You guys rock!
4)Pray for those paperchasing that they may stay encouraged.
5) Everyone at the CCAA - this the place in China that matches us with our babies
6) our marriages and relationships with family members

Stay tuned. Next week, we will have a guest blogger at When Love Takes You In

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Books and Blogs

2 things

1) I need to share a blog with you that I am constantly reading now. This family moved to Atlanta and I believe he is the Service Programming Director at at the Buckhead Church. They are just cool and adopted a son from Korea a few months ago. When you visit their blog, watch the videos. Make sure you have plenty of time to visit for a while. The blog is Ragamuffin Soul

2)While garage sale shopping, LynnMarie got several new books. You can see them here. I am always looking for new books. She will definitely have quite a collection.

Someone just sent me this link to more books from Chinese children..Check it out at

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well I decided to join the Women's ministry and yesterday was the kick-off. We are going to be doing the Amazing Collection, which will allow me to read and study the entire Bible in 3 years, You can read about my experience here.
Anyway, I started thinking about the process of adoption, which we started almost one year ago.

I asked God to bring something new into our marriage, God led us to adoption.

I asked God for new friends for the both of us, God less us to adoption

I asked God for patience, God led us to adoption

I asked for God to bring me closer to Him, God led us to adoption

I longed for us to be a part of a wonderful church, God led us to adoption

I asked God to teach me how to be a better nurse, God led us to adoption

This process has changed my entire way of thinking. 6 years ago, we were getting ready to get married and had discussed children and all the things you are supposed to talk to. I can assure you that adoption was not even discussed. I can not believe how my heart and mind have changed over the past 6 years. Its awesome.
Oh I know the wait is long. I want a family now. I must be patient. I must not worry over things I can not control. Easier said than done. I will eventually get down over this wait. I hope not, but I must be realistic. I am just going to enjoy it now!
Our LynnMarie is not even here, and I feel like we have had a life changing experience!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Monday Meditations

Good morning!!!!!


1) families that received referrals
2)families that are travelling and meeting their children for the first time
3)families are still interested in international adoption. That's awesome.


1) Shelby's family is waiting on one more piece of paper. they are ready to bring her home
2) that we will keep encouraging each other.
3) the wait- no need for words
4) recently united families will have a smooth adjustment
5)our family members and friends who have lots of questions

We have friends that made an important announcement this week that's just awesome. They have had me thinking. Although we will not be doing the same thing as them, its brought a few more emotions up. With me, you truly never know where those emotions will lead you.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Secret Pal

This is from one of my secret pals, my April 2007 DTC. In it she included some pumpkin tea, some towels, mommy and daddy bibs, a lovely frame and a most encouraging card. She said she reads my blog which means she rocks!

First Friday

What to say... Last night was our monthly First Friday gathering. Its a monthly adoption support group that's hosted by the Chapmans. What a wonderful couple. To go back to how we met them. After our Disney Cruise 2 years ago, a couple gave me the Chapmans number. Well Susan called me one day and just gave me the name of our agency, who I had never heard of. It was exacly what we were looking for. That phone call led to our application that led to our LID. Susan also invited us to First Friday which opened the door to so many new friends.

Last night was our last meeting at their house!Why? Because we have outgrown it..How cool is that? We will be meeting at North Metro Church. If you live anywhere near Atlanta, I hope you will take some time to check it out!

It was once again a special time. We have been attending for one year now. Our first meeting was the week before we turned in our application. Its been a great way to meet friends and to gather support for this journey.

We have watched people wait for their babies, get their referrals, travel and come home. Its been awesome. This is such an important part of our journey and we are going to be much more prepared when we travel for LynnMarie.

If you have read our blog, you know that we have been praying for Sheridan and his family. We got to meet him last night. he is just wonderful. He is 2 and so fun!! It was nice to see him. We were also able to say hello to Laney who has been home for a bit.

There were more China babies that I had not met yet. We were also able to have some time to visit and get to know people on a personal level. I wished I could visit with them more than once a month. I have learned so much. It was truly another wonderful evening and I look forward to the growth. I also look forward to the tears, because they are usually happy tears.

Adoption brings out emotions that I had no idea I had. I wish I could explain the connection I have with these new friends. If you are even thinking about adoption, i hope you will consider attending. It's truly a blessing.

You will hear much more about First Friday. When I started my personal blog almost 2 years ago, I talked about finding a passion about something. I never would have thought my passion would be international adoption. God is good. We prayed for friends. I can not describe the new friends in my life or what they mean to me. I really can not imagine not being in this process right now!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the adoption blog world, I forget that I started this blog to keep family and friends up to date with our journey to parenthood.

Since we have begun this journey, the wait time has increased. It could take 3 years to bring LynnMarie home. Its true. Its okay. But, I want you guys to read this. Friends at work say " No way, people bring babies home from China all the time". That's true, its just not as quick as you think it is. Believe me, the wait time has increased.

Michael and I want a family that includes children. This is the way we have decided to start our family. We are still at peace about it. There is a reason we are on this journey. I have said at the beginning that I have been looking forward to the wait. I still am. I wish it were not so long. I want LynnMarie home now, but this is part of the journey. This is not to say we won't have a biological child. We have chosen not to focus on that yet. I know some of you will get tired of asking "when?" and may get tired of hearing of us talk about China and LynnMarie. I certainly hope not but I understand. She is in our hearts now.

Someone on my personal blog asked why we chose China when the wait is so long. The truth is when we started this journey, the wait was almost half of what it is now. Michael and I need the wait to get ourselves ready.

God's hand has been all over this process. I am not the best with writing spiritual things.I have so many things in my mind and heart right now, that I wish I could get them out in writing. I sometimes get the words wrong and they just don't make sense. So I will make this simple. Here is one verse has been an encouragement to me:

Psalm 37: 4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart

God knows my desires and he promised to fulfill them. It may not be the ways I wanted or expected but I have learned that if I can be patient, His plan is far better than I could ever have planned for myself. Its hard not to do things my way but I also know that God has taught me many lessons in waiting these days.

I am so glad referrals came in this week. Its a fun time for those of us waiting to see. I cant believe this blog passed its one year mark last month!! More details on that soon!

Thanks for reading!


Bib Swap

I was involved in a bib swap last month and these are the ones that I received.Arent they just precious! Thanks guys and I promise mine have been mailed!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Babies Babies Babies

First off, I would like to introduce you to my new friends. I mentioned them a few days ago. Their daughter was a patient of mine? Miss Salem is from Ethiopia and you can read about her here! This family has continued to bless me with such sweet comments on this blog. We keep finding things we have in common. Another story was that Keely (Salem's mommy) told me that Leslie R said hello. Mind you that Keely and her family live in Orlando, Fl. Leslie R and her family live here in Atlanta. Leslie's daughter was a patient of mine who passed away earlier this year. If you have read my personal blog, you may remember me mentioning her. Anyway, apparently Leslie and Keely have been friends for years..Its a small world, after all.

Well its that time again. Many families are seeing their families for the very first time. Agencies started making phone calls today and send pictures.
For my family and friends who are just learning about this process, once your agency gets the information its translated. You soon receive "THE CALL" where you learn a lot of info of your child. Then you get a picture, and wait on travel approval. The day we get "the call" will be a day of celebration.

Please and stop by and see these families who just saw their precious child for first time!
Michael and I will be getting the same information one day. How exciting is that?

Joyful Heart
Rocking Chairs and a Tricycle
A Day in the life

Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Meditations

Good morning friends!

This morning I praying for

1) All of us as we continue to encourage to each other.
2)Those families paperchasing and thinking about adoption in general
3)Everyone over at CCAA
4)Our marriages
5)families who are travelling now or will be soon

What's on your heart?

BTW, the family mentioned below was discharged from the hospital and are having family time in a local hotel..Yeah!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

the red thread goes to Africa sometimes

I wasn't going to post until Monday but wanted to share this wonderful story!

This week at work I took care of a patient who had a craniotomy which is another word for a big operation on your head. This patient was adopted from Ethiopia. Oh what a family. I wanted to share their blog with you but I would like to ask them first. Anyway, this family does not live in Atlanta, they live in Orlando, about 10 miles from Michael's moms house."M"s dad is in seminary there. I may get to see them again one day. The grandparents live in Nashville, very close to where my parents used to live. They are strong Christians and also share a love of contemporary Christian music.

This family is amazing. As I read their website tonight, I was moved. They spent 5 weeks in a house in Ethiopia waiting for their precious daughter. They embraced the culture and spent a lot of time with a lot of the people there. She was very tiny and weak and had to get stronger for the doctors to release her. The first night I took care of her was rough. We had a very hard time getting this sweet girl comfortable. I enjoyed getting to know them and was able to spend some time talking to this family this evening. What a joy!
"M" is their first child, just like us. They encouraged me during our wait and shared the joy they had when they first saw that precious face. The process of the Ethiopian adoption is a bit different than a China adoption, but we had one thing in common. THE WAIT. We talked a bit about the wait and what an awesome thing adoption is. This family has so much love and support.
I hope they read this and know what an impact they had on me.
Just another one of those moments.