Saturday, September 27, 2008


When we said yes to adoption, we had no idea what was in store. I really had not experienced community before but adoption (even just the wait) led to a wonderful support group which led to a a wonderful church which led to a very cool small group. I have not even began to think about the community. Those of you who visit this blog or chat with me on Saturday mornings or have met us for a dinner somewhere around the country have managed to encourage us beyond belief. You have made our wait exciting and have made me look foward to being a family in a new light. I can not believe how much this community has helped change us this past year. Really, I mean change. The kind of change you can not blog about. You have encouraged my weight loss, worked with Michael and I on various things and I know some of you are still praying for us.

We have struggles. Some of you know our struggles very well. The mental, the physical, the spiritual and the emotional.

I am so thankful for all of these things. We do not get to see a lot of our First Friday friends more than once a month, but I do feel like its a family. I have a feeling if I needed help (of any kind), even a stranger would help me. Wowsers! I have never felt this before, way cool!!!!

We have been blessed this week. Blessed Big. This blessing made me feel loved. Now, I am not saying my family didn't love me, they did and that's not what I am talking about. People who knew what our needs are now and what they will be closer to LynnMarie and said hey, we want to help you. This doesn't sound like much but to me this is big. I have found friends who really love me. Its an awesome, comfortable feeling.

What was the blessing you may ask? A beautiful crib. This took away a financial stress and a mental one as I never would have been able to pick out one so beautiful!

So friends, you raised our spirits, took away a stress and demonstrated God's love just by being you. You guys rock and you make my heart smile!!

....and to all of you who have ever commented or simply read this blog, thank you.


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Hi Amy -- Nice to "meet" you this morning. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the adoption community! The part you are in right now (the wait) is SO HARD! When we "found" Ally (she was on Shelby Straight's WC list) we too had waited 17 months. It is SO hard, but like you said, you aren't in this alone and there are so many folks out here that understand. It's an amazing journey in so many ways. I was just talking to a friend that we met thru adopting Ally yesterday about that very thing! Hang in there! Stop by our blog every now and then! Lucy

Anonymous said...

HI Amy,

Its Anna and Joel's mom. Finally able to visit your blog.A&J are doing great after their CL/CP surgs. Praying for you as you wait.

Mom to Iris Anna and Joel

Kiy said...

I was thinking of you today, funny you should post about this. I feel the same way. I have found friends I never would have, had we not decided on this path. Yes, Miss Emi is home, but those friendships are building stronger and stronger. Amazing, isn't it?

Remember, if you need to chat, I am but an email away. I know how hard this wait is. And I think of you often as you wait.

/hugs, Kiy

sara said...

We, to, have been greatly blessed by our virtual friends who have walked the same road or are walking it now & want to let Christ's light shine through them!

Roy and Lori said...

Just dropped by to
say hello. Congrats
on being 17 months
closer to your
precious little

Margaret Miracle said...

So happy for you and I can't wait to see pictures of LynnMarie's crib. Enjoy!!!

LaLa said...

So wonderful to have support. I heard about the crib on chat and can't wait to see it : )

Anonymous said...

added to my rss reader