Sunday, September 14, 2008

What is fun?

One thing that is fun is being able to sit on a floor and be loved on by about a dozen basset hounds at one time!

This morning Amy and I got our motivated selves out of bed and to the early service for church. After church we came home for lunch (I had breakfast for lunch).

Around 2pm we got in the car to truck over to Roswell for an event at PetSmart. It was BHRG day! That's Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia! We met a lot of furry friends including Floppy, Fannie May, Orlando, Mason, Eloise and Sierra. We talked about what it will take for us to adopt and that we could also consider fostering dogs needing forever families. We miss Lucy.

After playing with the dogs we went next door to Trader Joe's. Amy has been raving about this grocery store which has a loyal trendy following. From what I can see, they keep it small, about 1/3 he size of a regular grocery the focus is on their own brand of everything, organics, and a handful of namebrands including Ben & Jerry's (one flavor), Fiji water, and about every type of meal-replacement bar you can name.

We came home to relax a bit and then went out to dinner at a sports bar/tex-mex joint called Taco Mac. I noticed a couple coming in with an infant and pointed them out to Amy because the baby had little hair for being about 10 months old. It turns out Amy knows the baby! He's on of the ones she cares for in the nursery at church, so we stopped by their table to introduce ourselves as we were leaving.

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